Forensic Detectives Daniel NAVARRO

Food Borne Illness

There are five common food borne illnesses found in the US E. coli o157:h7,listeria monocytogenes, salmonella, staphylococcus, and shigella. Beacuse of these food borne illness pathogens over 1,000 deaths in the United Sates occur because of the food borne pathogens

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

if you have blood pressure too low than u will nee to take medications because otherwise you might faint and have an accident. Also, if you have too high blood pressure take medications otherwise you are most likely to ave a stroke or heart attack and may end up in the hospital in critical condition.

Brain Anatomy

The brain has many parts both internal as well as external. The memory is controlled by the limbie system. The brain stem controls essential survival function such as breathing and heart beat

Restaurants Grades

If foods are not kept at appropriate temperatures there is a higher chance of causing food borne illness. Each restaurant gets a letter grade based on observations on of the food is kept prepared and taste.

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