Katniss Everdeen By: Ashley Hayden Group C

  • QUOTE: ''I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute.''
  • SONG NOW PLAYING: Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys
  • ABOUT ME: Hi, I'm Katniss Everdeen, I live in District 12, the farthest district from the capitol. I live with my mother, and sister, Prim. My father died in a mine explosion a couple years back. My good friend Gale helps me out with taking care of my family. I have volunteered as tribute to save my sister from death. Now I must fight to the death in the capitol's Hunger Games. Before you go into the games, the evaluate you. You go to the dumb evaluation and the score on your physical skills. I scored an 11, the scores range from one to twelve. I don't deserve my score, I didn't do anything. I walked in and spoke my name and district, the game makers just ignored me. I picked up the bow and an arrow, and shot it through the crowd and hit the apple inside the roasted pigs mouth.
  • LATEST BLOG ENTRY: “I volunteer!” Katniss gasps. “I volunteer as tribute!” I was so afraid, what did I just do? How could Prim get picked? Her name was only in there once! Am I dreaming, what is going on? How will I survive in the games? Who else will I be with, will I make any allies? Will someone kill me off early?
  • What to do now, I have already stepped up, I can't step down. That's weak and I'll be throwing Prim right back in it. Why is, out of all the people in our district? Okay, now people are just staring at me! I should go up, but I'm afraid. I have to, for Prim. Dead silence rolls over the crowd. All I can hear are Prim's screams, oh god the things that must be going through her brain right now!
  • She's too young, too young to have to deal with this, too young to die. What is going to happen to my mom, she can't take care of Prim by herself, she can't even take care of herself! Thank god I have Gale! I know he will protect them, he can hunt and Prim will help gather. Everything will be okay; hopefully.
  • MY SKILLS/ and LIKES I guess you could say I'm good at hunting and gathering, considering my experience in the woods near my district. I absolutely love being alone in the woods. My bow makes hunting so much more enjoyable, i am pretty handy with a bow. Its so easy to be alone, you don't have to worry about other people or anything. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for dandelions, they bring back old memories with my dad and Prim. My district plays a big role on my in the games, I always have the pin safely placed on the inside of my jacket.
  • MY TWEET: OMG! PEETA SAID HE LOVES ME!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY WE WOULD DO THAT!! #riskinghislife What about Gale!? #ohnohedidn't WHAT DO I DO NOW? #starcrossedlovers? HA YOU THOUGHT!!!
  • SOMETHING THAT REPRESENTS ME: The Mocking Jay pin. This pin shows courage and strength to my district, so I wear it with pride. It also represents me as a person, with my similar characteristics.


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