Mau Loa Island BY: Kelsey Bybee

About Mau Loa

Mau Loa means forever. That means our island is named to be Forever Island. Mau Loa is an island that is part of Hawaii. Although Mau Loa is part of Hawaii it runs on its own rules and has its own way of life.

Mau Loa's Motto

Mau Loa's motto is, Lokahi in the Moana and Nalu. This means, Unity in the Ocean and waves. This means that we love the ocean and want to enjoy it together as an Island and that we are one with the waves and want to have unity together.

Mau Loa's community seal

The reason why this is our seal is because the turtle resembles life, forever, and, good luck. We would like these to be present on our island.

Mau Loa's mission

In Mau Loa our mission is to pursue happy, safe, lives full of adventure to all who live there. We want to have unity in our homes and within our families, we respect others boundaries and live life to the fullest.

Mau Loa's ten community rules

1. Kids younger than the age thirteen are not aloud to surf or venture beyond the reefs.

2. Kids at the age of 14 are aloud to surf beyond the reef.

3. Those who want to go out of the island need to have a license.

4. All need to participate in a active or uplifting activity every week.

5. Girls must take at least two years of deep water canoeing skill classes.

6. Boys must take at least three years of deep water fishing skill classes.

7. Everyone must respect and keep the island at its best.

8. All must choose a job of their choice so that everyone has money and a home.

9. Everyone needs to have unity towards everyone, and try to act as our motto.

10. Must do what you love and love what you do and live life at its fullest.


Mau Loa is located in Hawaii. It is its own Island. It is tropical and warm and is a very enjoyable happy place to be.

Daily Schedule

Children will go to four and a half hours of school from Monday through Thursday from 9 to 2. After school they will go to a sport or activities of their choice. then they will have family hour. after family hour they will have free time. The adults will go to work for however long their job requires but they will still have family hour. Friday will be beach day and if families want they can go to amusement parks such as the new and improved Disney Universe. Saturday and Sunday is the awesome weekend.

Thanks for reading about Mau Loa Island! Hope you liked it!


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