Effective schools Cella S. CAROLYN L. Marquell W.

Whats your definition of an effective?

Coach Buckley - starting a job and getting it done.

Coach Callis - Something that works

Coach Kaiser -something that you get better

Coach Bradford - it works

Coach Connolly - Gets the job done

What do you think are five qualities of an effective school?

Coach Buckley - To have goals , Have rules , Student attendance , Dedication from teachers & administrators and passion.

Coach Callis - Good administration , cooperative teachers, safe environment , school spirit and community support.

Coach Kaiser - Administration , good teachers , strong sports program , strong students involvement , strong community environment.

Coach Bradford - Good community , Effective teachers , Multi rational student body, Effective team leaders , Effective administration

Coach Connolly - Positive , Good extra curricular activity , good clubs and organization , safe and strong leadership

Do you think an effective school is good for students? Why or why not?

Coach Buckley - yes , because it prepares the students for the world tomorrow.

Coach Callis - Yes , because if the school is effective then the student have a clear avenue to be successful.

Coach Kaiser - Yes , if it is not effective we are not doing our jobs and the student wont be successful.

Coach Bradford - Yes , because the better the school is inside of the better the community will be.

Coach Connolly - Yes , because education is the key to a good life.

Do you think Taylor is an effective school?

And they all said with pride, "YES".!!

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