SoundWave In England


  • In 2016 we had a trade surplus of $1,070,000,000 and so far in 2017 we have a trade deficit of $161,600,000
  • Machinery, like computers, is England's largest export

Imports and Exports

  • England’s most exported goods include manufactured goods, fuel, chemicals, foods and tobacco.
  • England's main imports are road vehicles and parts, foods, office machines, textile yarns, paper, and petroleum products.
  • There are no trade barriers between the United States and England

About England

  • Capital is London
  • The three largest cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester
  • England has an advanced infastructure
  • Population of 54,786,300 people
  • English is primarily spoken
  • Major occupations include Consulting engineer, Software developer, Advertising/Accounting Executive
  • Unemployment rate of -4.7%


  • Traditional greeting is a handshake
  • Dress - similar to what is worn in the US
  • Food - Traditional: fish and chips, yorkshire pudding, shepherd's pie
  • Geography - Europe; Bordering countries: Wales, Scotland
  • Art - differs between anything and everything
  • Religions - Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism

Culture and Business Today

  • Gender roles are not as prominent as they are in the United States
  • Gifts are not expected in meetings, but do call if you will be more than five minutes late
  • People may be stiff and formal at first
  • Exchange gifts between friends and family on birthdays and holidays
  • When invited to someone’s home, bring a box of chocolates.

Corporate Biography

  • Multinational corporations include Tesco, Barclays, BP, Shell
  • Ex: Tesco believes in making every shoppers life easier and better by providing excellent service and goods.
  • Good or Service Tesco provides?: Grocery and general merchandise retailer
  • Where else it is found: Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia, and Thailand

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