COVID-19: Sourcing & shipping Personal Protection equipment

In response to the current world wide pandemic, and in line with our unique results based culture and passion to make a positive impact in the world, Vector Global Logistics (vectorgl.com) has partnered with EverOK (everokgroup.com) in China to support companies, organizations and institutions navigate all the sourcing and shipping of COVID-19 response products from China.

The goal is to source products from reliable suppliers in China manufacturing according to FDA CGMP regulations along with all required certificates and licenses to flawlessly import into the US, while minimizing overall complexity and stress to our already fragile supply chains.

Working together with different carriers Vector provides an opportunity for customers (large and small) to consolidate orders to expedite delivery times, simplify ordering process and maximize airfreight capacity. In addition, Vector will donate to different causes for every shipment moved to further support people that have been critically affected by the backlash of this pandemic.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford

An international logistics company with a unique results-based culture.

At Vector we believe that a few caring individuals can change the world.

Having reliable and professional partners in Asia will be key to guarantee a great service and flawless execution. EverOK share the service culture and values of Vector Global.

  • 20+ years of experience in logistics with a well established presence in China
  • Maintain long-term and reliable relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Adhere to the general principle of “Service first, customers foremost”
  • Awarded with the World´s Best Forwarder and Asia’s Best Forwarder in 2012
  • Grade-A Freight Forwarding Qualification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Economy

5 things to know when shipping from China

Vector’s partnership with EverOk adds a level of certainty and quality assurance to every deal.

We make sure suppliers are legitimate - We demand a virtual tour of the facility and confirm supplier is manufacturing according to the FDA CGMP regulations along with all required certificates, licenses, etc.

Work with a professional and well-established logistics company -As demand spikes it will be critical to make bookings and guarantee space.

Having one dedicated project leader will be key to guarantee an exceptional service & minimize overall costs.

Keep close track of purchase orders and manufacturing schedules – it is important to follow up with suppliers daily to avoid delays; it is key to have an independent 3rd party company auditing the process (in person if possible).

Work with companies that have presence in both countries – poor coordination between logistic companies will lead to delays and extra charges

We can help minimize overall costs by …

  1. Leveraging volume & consolidating orders to lock down space with air carriers and suppliers
  2. Having less brokers (eliminating middlemen)
  3. Airfreighting to different / best airports
  4. Reducing transaction costs (1 fixed fee)

…while improving overall efficiency by:

  1. Streamlining processes (fewer emails, fewer calls, easier transactions, etc..)
  2. Providing 24 / 7 access to our project manager
  3. Reducing complexity
  4. Improving communication and accountability

In summary, we will get things done while helping people during this challenging time. Working with us will:

  1. Bring transparency into process – one upfront fixed brokerage fee
  2. Ensure buyers are vetted (including funds in escrow and paymaster)
  3. Ensure seller does not engage in "profiteering“
  4. Provide direct communication with the buyer (protected by NDAs & non circumvents)
  5. Provide all legal documents and communication signed up front and handled by a 3rd party law firm
  6. Provide SGS process of verification on both ends (for larger deals)
  7. Confirm all certifications for all products are present for sale to be complete
  8. Ensure you have one point of contact for all logistics for each transaction
  9. Ensure total transparency in every step of the deal and supply chain

General deal structure & approach

Process structured to help companies close multi-million $ USD deals safely

We are here to help companies & organizations of all sizes. For “smaller” transactions process can be expedited skipping a few components:

Next Steps

Below is a list of some of the more requested products we are currently shipping... however, we can help you source whatever you might need.

Contact us.

Vector partnered with Earth Wave for all trading services

As a Minority Certified Supplier, your entity may be entitled to certain benefits by doing business with Vector.

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