Gray Radford Arts Art 1 portfolio

Throughout the school year, our art class learned how to work with many different mediums, mainly focused on drawing and composition. We used pencils, collage, acrylic paint and colored pencils, and charcoal to learn techniques such as line, gesture drawing, and creating form through light and value, and also worked with digital mediums to practice composition. Whenever we started a new unit, we also learned about the history behind the art- such as for our surrealism unit, we learned about the history of surrealism, and also about the type of art itself. The same was done with our portraiture unit- we learned about the different portrait types, and also how throughout the years new interpretations of the art form arose.

My school did a puppet show where the proceeds went to charity- I worked on one of the main characters, which was the Ancient Eland. For the Ancient Eland, I choose to emphasize the eyes on them in order to make them look all-seeing and wiser, and a character that would be respected. In order to emphasize this I also added white highlights to show age and copper highlights to show a more supernatural element.
Analogous self portrait with surrealist aspects- shows process from original concept to photo reference to final product. I used a monochromatic color scheme mainly comprising of reds, pinks, and magentas. I decided to be ambitious and add on a surrealistic aspect, and used one of my personal symbols from our surrealist art unit. The personal symbol I used were moths, which represent determination, concealment, vulnerability, and dreams.
Art growth- the one on the left was from the first day of school back in August 2016, while the one on the right was from December.
Facial expression studies from
Art growth- I have worked in digital art mediums, and decided to showcase some of my art growth there too. The one on the left is from August 2016 and is fan art of a cartoon I enjoy, and the one on the right is from January 2017 and is of my friend as a Pokemon trainer.
The final project in our surrealism unit- we made masks out of clay then painted them with topical glazes. The personal colors emphasized in this piece are purple for faithfulness and gray for intelligence (and also my name). The color scheme is dark and subdued save for the white and yellow, which is meant to pop out and emphasize my personal symbols used in this piece- stars and eyes.
Moth studies, partly for practice concerning some of my surrealist projects and partly because I enjoy drawing moths. The fuzzy thing on the bottom of the page is a flannel moth caterpillar.
Another collage from our surrealism unit- the violets represent faithfulness, and were also given as signs of romantic love between two women in the early 1900's.
Digital surrealism collage based off of personal symbols. For the personal symbols in my surrealism collage, I chose stars which represent self-reliance, eyes which represent awareness, and a snake which represents rebirth. The personal colors I emphasized were pink and green- pink representing optimism and green representing endurance. The "halo" on the snake is really a candy lifesaver.
Digital art of my pet crested gecko, Jumper
Pop art style self portrait with digital medium
Figure and gesture drawings based off of classmates
Line drawings- both observational with blind and regular contours, and exercises with line weight and emotion
Observational drawings of tone, form, and shadows
Observational drawings of various facial features- the lips and noses were modeled after some of my classmate's.
Hand studies from, which is a free online artist reference database
Goal cards I made at the beginning of the semester to showcase my aspirations for this school year. The theme I chose was to shine by not being afraid to express myself and to take chances.
“I'm not trying to make sense yet. I'm saving that for later. So for those of you who lack the patience to wait for my sense, use yours. Cheers.” -Carrie Fisher
Cy Twombly's work- especially his series featured above, "the Coronation of Sesostris," is inspiring to me because while it's minimalistic, it still evokes emotion and curiosity from the viewer. Also, the installments of the different paintings in the series shows that there's a story that he's telling. My personal favorites from this series are the first two, partly because of how I adopted eyes as a personal symbol, but I also enjoy seeing the open eye before it then closes and turns into the bright yellow sun and then finally the writing. I chose Cy Twombly because I enjoy his impressionist style, and how simple, scribbly, and loose it looks, and also because he identifies as gay and I enjoy seeing artists like me, because often that aspect of artists are often erased in history.

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