The statue of Indíbil and Mandòni are two statues made of bronze. The sculpture represent two warriors “ that defended the city of Lleida. Nowadays, the statue is considered one of the most symbolic monuments in Lleida.

old bridge

Old Bridge is one of the five bridges of Lleida, crossing the river Segre. The old bridge is so old that his birth is wrapped in legend. We know that it was built in 47 BC. Then the bridge makes history at the hands of Juli Cèsar. In October 1866, the river refused fields covered floors, damaged crops, drowned people and took part of the bridge. El pont de Lleida té historia, tradició i, fins i tot, llegenda. This is entitled "A yes or no, and why the bridge of Lleida." All went to the Arch Bridge and from there to the Plaza de San Juan where the market was. Everyone passing through the bridge had to stop before the guardians that was what made the tax payment. The legend was born there. Describes a scuffle and a peasant guardians about whether the few eggs that had to pay my taxes or not. A yes; the other is not. Radicalized attitudes, discussion, thick and strong words stir. At the end, the farmers crushed one by one and went by drinking them, while proudly exclaiming after all start walking inside the bridge, "Have as if they will not pay"


The arc of the bridge is the old gateway to the city of Lleida. The present buildings that surround it occupy the old line of walls that protected the city. In front of the Arch of the Bridge rises the sculptural group of Indíbil and Mandoni, who fought against the Romans and Carthaginians and prevented Lleida from being devastated.

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