Persephone By: Evelynn Eslick

Persephone: The Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld, Daughter of Demeter and Zeus, Mother of Melinoë and Zagreus.

  • Character traits:
  • Calm: She kept calm after Hades captured her and didn't try to do anything drastic that could harm anything(Eslick Persephone Summary).
  • Cooperative: She was cooperative with Hades and tried to do her best to follow what she thought was right to do( Eslick Persephone Summary).
  • Fearless: She was bargaining with Hades, who is known for being a tyrant, and stood her ground while others would crumble in fear(Eslick Persephone Summary)
People who are important in Persephone's Story:
  • Demeter: Mother: Goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest.
  • Zeus: Father: God of the sky and ruler of the gods.
  • Hades: Husband: God of the underworld.
  • Melinoë: Daughter: Goddess/Nymph the bringer of ghosts, nightmares, and madness. (possible nickname of Hectate?)
  • Zagreus: Son: God of wine? Killed then reborn as Dionysus? ( not very much is known about her children.)
  • Oceanids: Water nymphs of Earth's fresh water
From Top Left to Bottom Right: Demeter, Zeus, Hades, Melinoë, and Zagreus.

Myth of Persephone: Persephone was out picking flowers with Oceanids, when Hades came out of the earth and abducted her. Her mother Demeter came back and found her gone. She searched for her daughter all over Earth. What she didn't know was that Helios and Persephone's father, Zeus, saw everything. Helios didn't tell at first for he thought it was none of his business. Zeus on the other hand just didn't feel like dealing with his brother and starting something. Finally Helios told Demeter what happened after she begged him to. She then went to Zeus begging him to get Persephone back. Eventually after cries of man out of hunger for Demeter refused to let anything grow, and the begging from Demeter he decided to confront Hades demanding that he give his daughter back. What they didn't know was that Persephone had eaten food of the underworld, a Pomegranate. So at the last third of each year she goes back to the underworld with Hades.

The Greek values shown were giving a guest food and the guest being considered rude if they don't eat anything. Also that the harvest is very, very, important to the people for food.

Discussion Statement: Persephone is the perfect example on how to keep calm in a situation.

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