Marvelous Music Let your spirit roam free

I have used only one light to create this photo and have put the camera on the top left and i haven't put any filters. Photo Credit- Rahil Amarnath
I have used multiple different filters and tools to create this product this is taken with the lights on all three sides and has a cool looking. Photo Credit- Rahil Amarnath
I have used an effect called Atomic and also I have edited the hue and the saturation added. Photo Credit- Rahil Amarnath
I have put some hue and light into it so it gives the effect of the earbuds and the Skullcandy(r) logo being more illuminated than the rest of the layout. Photo Credit- Rahil Amarnath
Final write up: I added some hue and vibrance and then I used all three lights and took this photo from the side(Left) and added a focal point to the eye of Justin Bieber and mad the outside a little blurry so that the audience could only see the center.
This is a cup which I edited to make it look like it is in the morning sun. I used a diffuser sheet and I used the sun as my light which looks cool. I have placed a before and after photo to see the difference how the cup looks like it is outside on the edited version and looks inside in the non-edited photo. I cropped and made the shadow of the ledge look like hill range in the view.(I have just experimented to make it look like the morning light)
Photo and done by Rahil.



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