In My Lifetime Project by dawson marlowe

I was born a slave in 1850. Plantation life is something you don't want to live. Work is tough and conditions are horrible. Also, the Slave Codes restricted my family and I very tightly after the Stono Rebellion.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States, and boy, was my family happy! However, our master wasn't too thrilled at all, considering he is a white southern farmer.
A war between the North and the South broke out, and my master got drafted to fight. So, his mean wife was forced to maintain living conditions back home she took his spot. However, we got drafted as African-Americans to fight, too. I'm not old enough, though.
President Lincoln just passed the Emancipation Proclamation! Words or actions couldn't describe how great it feels to be freed finally. However, nothing really has changed except we are now called Freedmen. The sharecropping system ties us back to plantations and keeps us in a continuous cycle of debt.
I am deeply saddened and depressed. My father and older brother were walking to the polls to vote yesterday and were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist group that is pro-segregation. But they aren't the only group; the Riflemen and Red Shirts are just as bad.
President Roosevelt wanted to progress America. He stopped passed laws that ended womens' suffrage and stopped child labor in work forces. These types of reform were fixing work place conditions like child labor, disease, and injuries.
The Great Depression was a horrible time. The stock market in New York City crashed and lost everybody's stock money. My family, along with the rest of America, went bankrupt. I died of starvation in 1929 because we couldn't afford to buy food for everyone.


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