Who I am Kaleb joseph ongais

I was born on January 16, 2001. I am 16 years old

My motivation

In this picture of my sister Ariana and I we were both smiling. She is always the light of my day. Her family always cheers me up when I'm down.

What I need

Spanaway lake high school is where I get my education. There is no other school I would want to go to because if all my friends and good teacher helping me to graduate. As I get involved with my education more and more my passion for the school grows.


I love playing sports. Over the last couple years I have began to play lacrosse and it has made a big way in my life. It had given me so much more knowledge not just about the sport but life as well. It allowed me to meet coaches and players that would better my life and experience of the sports.

Two things I love

This pictures shows 2 of my loves. The first love is my girlfriend. I am so thankful and lucky to have someone so special, caring, loving, and thoughtful in my life to make me better as a person and to better her. I am also in my football uniform which I another one of my loves as I have played it for so long.

My future

I plan on attending University of Washington. This is so important to me because this will be the future of my life and will pave the way for my future.

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