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I'm Hazel and I hope to learn skills from this module that will help me in the future.

assignment 1: e-portfolio

exercise 1: stop motion animation


The meaning of the word "PLAY" is to engage in an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose. So we took its literal meaning and applied it to the digital world, specifically mobile games. We decided to take on the highly-rated candy crush and swapped their animated jewel candies to classic candy shell skittles. In order to execute our concept, we had to convert everything that is digitalised in the app into something that is considered physical such as skittles. This is done in the video below through a suitable technique called stop-motion animation.

exercise 2: viral content

Be High with Grades, Not Drugs.

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Many students' lives have turn into a downfall due to drug addiction. Often times, these students are not entirely to be blamed because they tend to have a different perception of life and most of the time they fail to see what is right and what is wrong. Furthermore, the causes that trigger the decisions of a student are peer pressure, excessive stress and neglect. Students may deal with such issues poorly mainly due to their poor thinking and reasoning skills. Due to this, students are more likely to accept drugs involvements in their lives. However, if you are a worried student going through mentality difficulties, keep in mind that by improving your perception of life, you can make a better difference in your destiny. To do so, you must first keep in mind to:

1. Stop worrying how other people may see and think of you

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Students often find it hard to say the phrase “No, thank you.” especially when it comes to rejecting their friends, mainly because they don't want to appear as the "mood spoiler". However, there are many things to be accomplished in life and to please everyone is definitely not one of it. Rejecting a harmful offer is not something to feel guilty and be embarrassed about. In fact, it is another way to show people that you are actually someone with a strong stand of your own, which people will eventually respect you for.

2. Prioritise your future

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When it comes to imagining your future, you certainly wouldn't picture yourselves weak and unsuccessful right? Just as long as drugs do not get in the way, a future of success is certainly not impossible. This is because one of the most typical consequences of drug addiction is the lost of jobs. Normally, it is because the person stopped performing as well on the job. For example, there were probably more sick days taken and projects were not taken to completion. Seeing that, if you do prioritise your future, the probability of you picking up drugs will be lower.

3. Love and appreciate yourself

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Be it an educational or social problem, as a student you should not be too harsh on yourself. In fact, you must come to realise that the biggest imperfection in life is striving to be perfect. This is because, having the mindset of being perfect will not only degrade your self-worth, it can also lead to emotional and physical problems which will trigger the need of drugs. You need to be self confident, not through the way of being perfect, but through the way of having expectations that are realistic. Once you start accepting your flaws, you will stop seeing the need to bring yourself down just because someone else is better, you will live your life with more freedom and happiness, and you will certainly not see the need for drug use. Hence, how much you appreciate yourself can affect your behaviour and thoughts, so start appreciating yourself.

4. Be grateful of your existence

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You must also appreciate the life your parents have given you. Always think about the thousand procedures your fate went through just to let you see the world and survive. If it weren't for fate, you wouldn't be right here reading about this. Life is full of possibilities and any slight changes in the past would've changed a big part of your life, be it good or bad. Consider how lucky you are to exist, to see the world and to have a family who loves you. Your life is fully under your control, however your life leads you depends on however you lead your life. You do not want to waste this living opportunity given by your parents by disappointing them with just one mistake that can entirely ruin your future. It is too regrettable to just dump your life into sea filled with drugs. When times are hard, just remember that your parents went through a lot of hardships hoping to raise you into a decent person and not someone with a poor reputation.

In conclusion, life is like a blank canvas, whether you paint it with colours or dullness depends on your perception of it. In fact, as there were too many similar cases of drug-abuse happening amongst students, prevention of drugs should begin from youth education. Parents should also be there constantly to make sure that their children don't take the wrong path. Any signs of drug-abuse should not be seen as lightly and should be taken care of immediately. But bear in mind that patience and support is important while the child learn how to take control of his/her life. Having to rise up again after a great downfall in life can be tough. Hence, by sharpening the mentality and the views of life, an easy future with involvements of drugs can be highly guaranteed.

exercise 3: infographics

the design of this infographic targets to demonstrate that the deeper you inject drug into your body, the further you are taking with the stages to becoming a drug addict.

exercise 4: mobile application

mobile app name: Pocket Style

Pocket Style is a portable closet organiser, designed to help organise and keep count of the clothes you have. Simply just by scanning the QR code of your purchases, you will receive HD images and information of your items. By adding item images into your closet, the "Create Pocket Style" feature of the application will give you the privilege to mix and match different styles on your mobile device.

splash page
log in page

the camera feature of this application acts as a qr code scanner. this scanner is designed to detect qr codes attached to your purchases.

qr code scan feature

if the scan is successful, you will obtain an image and some details about your item. in this page, you are required to pick a category (eg. tops, dresses, pants) before you decide what you want to do with your item (eg. add to closet).

qr code scan result page

the profile page will include 5 profile features which are pocket closet, pocket shop, pocket trash, pocket style and pocket inspiration. through these features, people are able to see your collection and what you're up to for as long as the category is public. you can also customise the background and colours of your profile page.

profile page

the closet feature collects and categorises all of your items so that you can easily look through the things you have.

closet feature
closet (categorised) feature

by clicking on an item in your closet, you are able to see its information. in this page, you can also write and share a post about the item or add the item into other profile features.

item info page

the shop feature allows you to sell items either from your closet or right from the moment you scan the qr code. this page allows your viewers to look through the items you're selling. any items sold will permanently be removed from your library and transferred to its new owner.

shop feature (selling)

in the shop feature, you are also able to look through the items you have purchased from other users. once you approve the shipment of the item, it will be added into your closet automatically.

shop feature (purchases)

to form a complete style, the "create pocket style" feature allows you to compile items from your closet. once the style is complete, you can either save it privately for yourself or post it up publicly so that your friends can see.

style compilation page

in order to compile a look, you must first select items from your closet before dragging and dropping it in the space provided. once you're satisfied with the outcome, remember to post it up so you don't lose the look.

create style feature

the home page is where you can see your friends' posts. on every post, you will be given the choice to like the post, comment on the post, save the post into "pocket inspiration" and see the tagged items of the post.

home page

the explore page is where you discover new posts and users.

explore page

the notification page is where you will be notified when other users like or leave comments on your posts.

notification page

the trash bin feature allows you to remove items from your closet.

trash bin page

the inspiration feature allows you to save the posts you like into specific collections.

save page

the library access feature acts as a shortcut to access the 5 main profile features.

library access feature

the settings page is where you change the settings of your account.

settings page

assignment 2: video

art: (NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE ) Sago | (COMMUNITY INTEREST) For people who are looking to use fashion as a tool to paint their self-portrait | (OBJECTIVES) To reveal to society that everyone has the freedom to wear anything; To encourage people that they are who they are when they like what they are wearing | (VIDEO CONCEPT & IDEA) A collision between the perfect & imperfect ; Smooth & Static shots; Focusing on aesthetic styles with combinations of bold colours.

mindmap & moodboard



script/ treatment

final product

assignment 3: chat stickers

in terms of the concept, the monster-themed chat stickers aims to achieve a variety of unique appearances where all characteristics can be observed through their own styles and colours. in terms of the design, similar features such as rounded eyes, thick eyebrows, thick lips, colours and curly hair are used so that the monsters look slightly similar to one another.




happy monster

happy monster is laughing out of happiness after hearing a joke

sad monster

sad monster is crying in tears and mucus because he lost his job

confused monster

confused monster is scratching her head because she cannot remember what she ate for dinner

angry monster

angry monster has shaking eyes and smoke coming out of his ears because he is angry that his wife threw away his favourite pair of underwear

sleepy monster

sleepy monster is yawning because he woke up earlier for classes today

working monster

working monster is picking up a customer's phone call even though he hates his job


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