AGP Digital Video Course with Premiere Pro Diana Garland

Hi! This is my learning journal for my first AGP course. I've chosen to take the Digital Video course because I want to learn more about making and editing video to use in my classrooms. I teach Language Arts and feel that today video literacy is an important form of communication that my students will need to know.

In this journal I will reflect on my course assignments before, during and after completing them to enhance my learning experience. Reflection will allow me to see the strengths and weaknesses I have using Premiere Pro.

Video Class 1 Assignment "Create a short montage video sequence using still images based on a single colour. Try and make the exported video 15 seconds exactly." Going into this assignment I was excited after watching the example videos because I love the idea of choosing images that speak to me about the color I chose. My favorite color is blue, so I picked blue for this assignment which opened up so many possibilities. I was also thrilled with the link to Pexels because it is a site I had not heard of before and will come in handy creating class materials.

The first thing I did was take my time going through the images using specific key words to search for blue images. I thought about the instructions of organizing them from least intense to most intense and what that meant to me. I interpreted intensity to be boldness of color combined with also a feeling of how the color resonated in the photo with me. I was nervous going into making the video, but the tutorial video was extremely helpful.

I had to keep pausing the video and did have to go to another tutorial on YouTube to find the title button. Since I use Adobe CC and had not used Premiere before, when I downloaded it I got the newest version and there is no title button on the top menu, or on the add menu. The tutorial I found showed me where it was and it was under "legacy title" now. That was the only part I had a problem with, except I did learn to be careful what I put in the trashcan, because I accidentally deleted all of my project instead of just one slide I changed my mind on and had to start over. Overall, I found that once I played around with it, the program was fun to use for the slide show.

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