Change Agent summary Choose an issue you care about from the UN Global Goals ! Then make a plan and take positive action! This is a youth empowerment program for elementary students created and facilitated by J. Johnson I Strath & H. Czarnota @ Shanty Bay PS in Oro Medonte Ontario, Canada (contact us: jujohnson@scdsb.on.ca)

We believe the UN Global Goals need to be an integral part of our education system. If we put our focus there, we can become fluent and skilled at addressing those issues. We are all global citizens.

This program started in 2016 as a collaboration between classroom teacher Julie Johnson and teacher librarian Heather Czarnota within a Gr 7/8 classroom. It transformed into a Gr 4-5 'elective' with 9 students meeting weekly during the regular school day. In 2018-2019, over 30 gr 2-8 students decided to become a Change Agent and met weekly during the regular school day in a cross grade collaboration classroom.

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