“GCT Board Member Spotlight” Kristine Witherow, BOARD Member

Name: Kristine Witherow, Financial Advisor, Harvest Investment Services

Board Position: Board Member, Finance Committee Member

My daughters and I have been involved in GCT since it first started as Adams County School of Musical Theatre. We discovered it the first summer they performed at the Gettysburg Festival and I immediately signed them up for summer camp. Since then, Natalie has performed in almost 30 performances and Natasha has performed in about 17.

I felt it was such a great way to spend time during the summer and then their desire grew to participate in so many productions. They never once complained about the time involved, which to me was a great sign that they loved being a part of the theatre. They have met so many wonderful people, as have I, and have had so many opportunities as a result of their involvement with GCT. I feel that they have learned how to be a part of a bigger organization and how to be a part of team, which is so important these days. They have learned so much about music, which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Since the early days, the organization has evolved and expanded to include —not just opportunities for children in the community, but also for adults of all ages as well as children with special needs. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing organization in our community and I feel that it provides such cultural richness to all who have participated.

Because of our family’s involvement since the beginning and since we as an organization are celebrating our 10th season, I felt that it was time to ensure the future of Gettysburg Community Theatre by establishing an endowment fund through the Adams County Community Foundation. It is a fund that anyone can contribute to and as it grows in assets, the theatre will receive money (once it reaches its threshold of $25k) each year to provide continual financial support to the organization to continue serving Adams County for many generations to come.

I wish to thank Mr. Chad for his continual dedication to GCT, the board for guiding GCT’s growth and expansion over the years, and the community for its incredible support of GCT—enrolling your children in GCT’s programming, volunteering, donating time, energy and dollars...thank you to everyone who has played a part in GCT’s history.

I invite everyone to come see a show and experience the gem of GCT that we have here in our own backyards!


“Board Member Spotlight” is a monthly special feature in honor of the 10th season of Gettysburg Community Theatre. Learn more about GCT at www.gettysburgcommunitytheatre.com Photo Credit: Leer Photography

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