Fasnacht Basel, Switzerland

Fasnacht became a festival that's celebrated every year by a jousting tournament on the Münsterplatz. The argument escalated into a blood bath and the local citizens chased off the noblemen, killing four of them in the process. This fateful day went down in the annals of Basel's history as the «Böse Fasnacht».
Fasnacht is also called Morgenstreich, which is the name of their parade.
Morgestraich is only in the dark and starts at 4 am in the morning they use lanterns that have a picture or symbol on it. They are about 9 ft high.
Morgenstreich lasts for exactly three days, starting at 4 am Monday morning and ending at 4 am Thursday morning.
This festival is only celebrated Monday morning after Ash Wednesday usually in March. The next one is on March 6, 2016.
During Morgestraich, people wear colorful outfits and masks and dress up as different things for the parade.
The masks are called charivari masks and costumes

During Fasnacht, they tend to dance and make fun local events and personalities. The dances are called, the dance of death (Totentanz) and the masquerade (Mummenschanz). jousting tournament on the Münsterplatz

They serve Mehlsuppe (a hearty broth made from flour and onion), Cheese pies, and Onion

The United States has parades with bands in them and they dress up but Morgestraich is very different with it being in the dark and it's more colorful.

During parades, its a whole band that plays for it in the USA but in Basel, Switzerland, the only instruments used are drums, piccolos, and brass instruments.

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