Tara Phillips By:Michael dipietro

Tara phillips is a freelance designer out of Sydney, Australia. Some tools she uses are PhotoShop, MacBook, Pro and Bamboo Fun Tablet, among other tools.

The reason that I chose Tara Phillips and her art is because it just really catches my eye . I also like her art because each one of her peices are different and realistic in every way even if they don't look it the message is there.

Above is my personal favorite piece of hers. It just really catches my eyes. Also I love the color mixture. The subject matter is a portrait of a woman. Tara's gallery is mostly portraits. A lot of Tara's artwork is realistic and human like. However this piece isn't realistic it is very colorful and more freestly portrait.

Tara's art give me an inspiring feeling.

No further info was found on Tara Phillips.

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