Guardians of ga'hoole reveiw By:jilsephonie himmelheber

One of the best story's I have ever read and watched and I'm about to tell you why.


The setting takes place in 2 places. Tyto forest and st. Angolius academy for orphaned owls. These are important becuse it portrays imagery of good and evil. Tyto forest is home. A place of family and safety.while the st. Angolius academy for orphaned owls represents fear in a harsh environment.


The plot is believable and realistic becuse it could happen in real life. The challenges that the characters face are ever changeing. One conflict that I found interesting Soren(lead character) breaks rules and asked a question and is punished which separates the characters and increases the difficulty of escape.


In my opinion the characters remind me of my self and my friends in the compatibility and fierce nature of protecting each other. When Soren meets gylfie he stood up for her agents owls at the academy.


The scenes are more action motivated while the dialogue flows as naturally as regular conversations.


Teamwork is the theme that stood out to me. The combination of each characters strength overlapping the other weakness.


I would compare this to the struggles within the book series of warrior cats.

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