In this month's edition of our interview series Consulting Manager Russ Lewis shares details about the fast growing Multi Solution Architect group. Do you want to learn what it takes to become an MSA? How he delights his customers? Please continue to read to find out these answers and more!

Q: The MSA team is growing by leaps and bounds, what is the primary driving factor?

RL: Customers are looking for a holistic solution from Adobe and realize the need for an integrated strategy and architecture to solve their marketing problems. Sales is positioning the MSA role as a leader who drives towards this requirement. This makes for a perfect situation to grow to a market need and enable our teams to deliver on what customers are looking for us to provide.

Q: What are the attributes you look for in recruiting an MSA?

  • Leadership and accountability to bring people together across teams and deliver above expectations.
  • Curiosity for learning new things (marketing strategy, architecture, and technology).
  • Ability to bring order to a disorganized scenario.
  • Self motivation.

Q: What has made you successful as a manager?

RL: I've been fortunate enough to have leaders and mentors around me to give advice on how to approach problems I've never encountered before. I have also had great team members that I've been able to serve and learn from. I keep an attitude of humility and try to learn something from everyone. Remembering that everyone is here for a reason that is probably different from yours. If you seek to understand that and help that person on their way, you will see success yourself.

Q: What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

RL: It isn't about you anymore, it is about your team. Remember that and position them for success.

Q: What is your favorite Adobe product?

RL: Adobe Target. I love how it can create results from an experiment and point to causal relationships to make real impact to marketing.

Q: How do you delight your customers?

RL: I try to anticipate what they are looking for and provide them extras beyond what they've contracted for us to deliver. This usually means bringing them a book, sending them an article, or just dropping them a phone call outside of a regularly scheduled time to catch up.

Q: If you were not in the digital marketing space, what career path would you likely have taken?

RL: I almost went to the Air Force academy to become an Air Force pilot.

Q: If you had an extra 1 hour per day, how would you spend it?

RL: With my family exploring a new activity or place.

Thank you Russ Lewis for participating in our interview series.


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