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Badge Title: Language

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Date: 27/02 - 03/03

Progress Journal


We are still working on which topic should we choose to focus in at the moment. Language as a WOK seems very hard to come up with a topic. We've looked through some of the knowledge quesiton within the TOK badge document to see if we could think of something. I think we would concentrate on translation in this, showing how translation is more of an art than a science, but it's quite hard to connect it to how it provide us knowledge


We have got ourselves a specific topic to work on which is how can translation be more of an art than a science. I think we have already got an idea of how this should go down, but we don't have much time to put things together, so we spend today putting everything together, making complete powerpoint and an interesting class activity. I think for next class, we are all ready to go up and present this

Planning journal

The primary target for this project of our group is to demonstrate how translation is more of an art than a science, and then connecting it to how language can provide us new knowledge. To be able to do this, we decided to put up a class activity, which was giving them 2 sentences and ask them to translate them in google translate into another language and translating them back. There were some really funny one. After that, we had a funny picture to further demonstrate how direct translation is merely impossible due to factors like idioms, untranslatable words and context

Reflection Journal

For this topic, I think that we had come up with a great class activity to demonstrate for the class how translation would be more of an art than a science. However, I think that we failed to connect clearly how this make language a way of knowing. Moreover, I think that the time for this presentation was quite short, so we weren't able to think much deeper into the topic, although we had an extra day for it compare to the other group, I believe that we could have done better than what we did. For the presentation specifically, I find it funny how direct translation can fail so badly, this clearly demostrate to me why some people tend to talk very funny when they start to pick up a new language

How does language shape knowledge?

I think that with different languages in the world, there are different knowledge that lies within them, such as different languages, there would be different in grammar, how they form a sentence, how they write, thus providing us more knowledge. Also, within a language, there are things such as idioms and untranslatable words, these can only be fully understand if you have studied the language, which means you are taking in new knowledge

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