Thank you all for meeting with me today! I appreciate your consideration of our needs, and our goals to make the film safer. Tin Man has a scene where an actor has a heart attack while driving. While originally we were planning to shoot this onstage, our needs have shifted to a location based execution plan. To keep people safe, yet maintain lighting, I have asked to use a dimmer board to simulate the effects of overhead lights, while also keeping the ethereal aesthetic of the film. Here is a diagram of my plan.


  • Need to have multiple lights activate in sequence to simulate fast, moving, overhead - sodium vapor streetlights
  • Need to create an ethereal quality - the lighting should build with the intensity of the scene - moving faster and faster
  • We need the ability to have consistent intervals in lighting cues. Human error will ruin the effect.
  • Lighting boards can program effects, sequences, and have the ability to control multiple units at once.

We need the board only for this shot - I have devised other ways to reproduce lighting effects (mentioned in the email) inside the house, as well as in the forest. This would be shot in a comfy location 5 minutes from school.


I realize these photos are not logistically how I would recreate this image - and the look may be somewhat different - but overall this is the mood, and the tone I am trying to create.

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