Tuning in

This is my kala ghoda field trip reflection.

This is the tuning in process that we did to understand the 3 strands ( read the caption below)

This is in the pit area where we sorted out pictures into different strands of expression. The 3 strands were: 1: The ways in which we reflect on. extend. and enjoy our creativity. 2: Our appreciation of the aesthetic 3: The way we show our feelings, beliefs, values, and cultures.

first thinking

What is it that excites you about this exhibition process?

I am excited that we get the responsibility for our own learning and that we can choose what to study and how to study it. I also like that we can plan our own field trips and guest speaker visits. I am also very excited for the final display.

What opportunities will you have to shine?

I can give interesting and fun ideas for what we can do in our group and for some occasions and I can take leadership for some parts.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges for you?

One of the biggest challenges for me might be narrowing down all the wonderful ideas possible for me to do into one or two good ideas and mainly choosing what I want to do

That was my first thinking glide show and I have noted down a few thoughts I have about the exhibition now.


Today, for the exhibition, I choose to do animation. I have written a reflection about why I choose it, and I have shared a link to the Google docs page on which I wrote it (click on the button below)

framework for inquiry

Today we have to form questions for inquiry so we can get and idea of what we want to do when we meet up with our groups tomorrow.

First day

Today we started work in our groups. There were 2 activities we did to get to know each other. We played a ball game and then me made a newspaper bridge.

Forming our ci and lois

We formed essential agreements in the class and thought of what topics we wanted to study and started to form a central idea.

The next day, we formed and finalized our central ideas and lines of inquiry. We started to do some research

I also did a reflection on what we have done so far. (button below)

This is my reflection about the central idea and lines of inquiry.


Today we started research about the first line of inquiry. We studied about movie making in the 1800s and about the first movie ( 1878)

spring break reflection

Today in the morning I did a reflection on our group goals and what I plan to do for my group during the spring break.

My spring break planning!!

This morning I also did a self-assessment of what our group has done so far and how well I think we are doing.

what i did over the spring break

I made a timeline for my group about the history of movies and showed it to my group. My group is now helping me add some more events on the timeline.

my t-shirt designs

These are my T-shirt designs. I made 2 because I couldn't decide which one was better. The light bulb represents ideas and innovations. The face represents that creative ideas come from us and our own minds. In the t-shirt to the right, the 'rays' coming out from the bulb are actually ways to express ourselves. In the t-shirt to the left, the seven rainbow colors represent creativity and a range of different ideas.


These are 2 rubrics that I graded our group on. I think that one of our main flaws is that the 3 boys in the group don't listen and stay on task, instead they play around on their macs and make needless Lego StopMotions that we won't need and are anyway not connected to our line of inquiry. I think that maybe they will pay more attention next LOI, because in that LOI we will be able to do stuff like make Lego StopMotions.

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