Tony And His Adventure

We lived in ocean city, it is a very beautiful place.

But I wanted to move to a new place with new friends, so I asked my mom and dad but of course they said no. 200 years later I asked again thinking they would say no but I was surprised, they said yes!

Our house

We decided to move to the lake, were it was home to the big city, Blue Vegas. So we decided to go on a train.

Here is some pictures

This is Blue Vegas

But on the train, it seemed that I was not on the ground. Then I noticed I was evaporating! Leaving my family.

"Mom, dad!" I yelled.

"It's okay Tony, it's part of the cycle" mom replied.

After a while I was in the clouds, where I met Johnson , he was kind, nice and he said that he lost his parents when he was evaporating too.

But we were not the same, we were clouds. This is called condensation.

We were as fluffy as a stuffed animal.

"Hey what's your name" I explained.

"It's Johnson, but you can call me Josh" he replied.

At that moment we became best friends.

After about 250 years we decided to play a game of punch the cloud with forks.

"This is so fun" Josh said.

Instead the cloud did not like us poking it so it got mad and started to cry like a big baby.

"Hey don't cry" I told the cloud.

Then Johnson shouted "it's to laaaaaaa!"

"Oh man, this is not good" I said.

"How is it not good we're just precipitating" Josh replied.

"No I think we're going to hit soil surface, you know the city above the bad city, ground water" I explained.

"Yuk, we have to be with a worm" I complained.

"Yep" Josh said complaining.

The worm was as sticky as gum

We decided to stay there for about 199 years, and of course we had some troubles with life there.

But then tragedy struck, all the baddies from ground water city decided to take a trip to our city.

Kicking us out, they treated us like we were tiny people.

Forcing us the move to plants.

"Did you say plant or plants" a guy shouted out of the blue.

"Dose it matter, now listen to the story" I replied.

"Boring plants, why do we have to stay here, I mean why don't we just go to the clouds again, so we evaporate again" Josh explained.

He meant transpiration.

So that's what we did, not because of us, but because of the sun.

Also we formed into clouds.

But we started to rain when we got there. Making us precipitate to the ground.

"Well looks like we're going in the animals home, the woods" Josh told me.

Later we saw a big deer rubbing its head against a tree.

"Man that ting is a monster." I yelled

"Well hello there animal" Josh whispered to the deer.

"Oh oh"

Well that didn't go to well, but we were evaporating before we got hit.

"Well it looks like the deer made us evaporate" I explained.

"Yup" he replied.

"Were here Josh" I yelled.

It was so crowded there today that it reached its limit for people.

So we precipitated to the ground.

We hit some thing different, we hit a runoff

We were going on and on in this runoff until we hit a big patch of soil.

So we infiltrated to the soil.

We soaked it the water so much that we went to ground water city.


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