Aerial Warfare Leftfoot coaching Academy


3 courts will be set up on the field. Make a box of 4 yellow cones on the far side of the field and a box of 4 white cones on the near side of the field. The cones for each box will be lined up 2-3 paces from the side walls/boards and even with the grey lines for the side goals. 2 cones of each color will be placed on the outside of the box in line with the middle of the court.

After the 2 boxes are made, a thinner 3rd box will be present in the middle. These boxes will be known as courts.

3 coaching sticks are placed in the middle of each court to act as the "net" and each court will have a regular sized ball.


Warmups will be done in the middle soccer tennis court before the coaching sticks are placed. The students will begin at the boards then go to the far wall and back.

The first progression begins with quad stretches to the wall then calf stretches back to the boards.

The second progression begins with lunges to the wall then side lunges back to the boards.

The third progression begins with walking squat lunges to the wall then lunges with a twist back to the boards.

The fourth progression begins with header jumps to the wall then squat jumps back to the boards.

Structured Activity

The structured activity for spatial awareness is soccer tennis.

Soccer Tennis Setup:

  • ideally teams of 2, no more than 3
  • place more advanced students in the smaller, middle court
  • pair students with those near their skill level
  • pair teams against those near their skill level

Soccer Tennis Rules:

  • ball must go over the coaching sticks
  • first team to 15 points wins
  • soccer tennis is "positive point"
  • points can be accumulated by: using 3 surfaces, using outside of the foot, using shoulder, heading, and completing pass to partner in the air


Progress the game by gradually adding each new opportunity to score a point. Spice it up by adding a "king court" for more competition.

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