Bond and levy projects are sprinting ahead Echo Hollow Pool & Campbell Community Center improvements are underway

The anticipation is building at Eugene Rec and Parks and Open Space.

The first two bond-funded projects in Rec are starting, and now everyone will be able to see tangible, physical transformations of two well-loved but aging facilities.

At Echo Hollow Pool & Fitness Center, design plans are final and the bid process is starting. The nearly 50-year-old building will close in late February 2020 for a year to get its much-awaited facelift. The list of upgrades includes an expanded outdoor pool, a new recreational pool, expanded locker rooms and a re-imagined entry way.

You might have already seen the work starting at Campbell Community Center. Fencing went up on the north side of the building by the river path, and site development has started on the 5,745-foot expansion that will include more space for fitness programs, social areas and a reconstructed lobby.

Families are already enjoying the first completed bond project at Tugman Park, a brand-new playground that opened in September. We’ll also see several projects in the construction phase in 2020, including Amazon Creek restoration, Amazon Running Trail reconstruction and the Downtown Riverfront Park. Berkeley Park and Striker Field aren’t far behind.

We’re excited to share the progress throughout your Parks and Recreation System in the coming months.

Park Ambassadors

“I am a senior living in the Churchill area, and I ride a trike nearly every day on the Fern Ridge path. Sometimes I ride out through the wetlands to Greenhill. About once a week I follow Amazon Creek toward downtown, and often explore the extensive greenway and riverbank path system along the Willamette. In recent years, most notably during the last recession and tight budgets, I witnessed how quickly deferred maintenance and under staffing contribute to a decline in the appearance, usability and safety of the system, despite the good intentions and hard work of employees and volunteers. Illicit activities, illegal camping, overgrown thickets of blackberries, litter, garbage, graffiti, and public safety issues resulted.

With fall’s arrival, I can look back and say that conditions along the bicycle and pedestrian paths improved significantly during the past two summers. I attribute these changes to the concerted effort of many people as well as the financial investment of Eugene’s taxpayers who resoundingly supported the 2018 Bond and Levy measure. But I want to give a special shout out to the Parks Watch program, the Park Ambassador program, to you and your team members and the less visible staff members who empty the trash cans, paint over graffiti, clean the restrooms and answer the phones when we call to report something that needs attention.

Thank you, Joe, and employees of Parks and Open Spaces. Keep up the good work.”

— Mike Anderson

Echo Hollow Pool & Fitness Center

“I’ve been lap swimming for over 50 years, I’ve life guarded and managed pools. I understand they have a hard job to do. This is going to enhance the quality of our experience. I’m just really excited the whole facility is getting upgraded and there’s going to be something for everybody. … I’m looking forward to the ease of use of the facility. I think it will be a positive experience for everyone overall to come and see all the upgrades.”

— Lori Eichelberger

Campbell Community Center

"We're all searching for the same thing. New experiences in our senior years. ... (At Campbell) I never thought I would have this many experiences as a senior. There are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things.”

— MJ Fuselier

Tugman Park

“The new play areas at Tugman Park are great for my kids. We love the baby/mommy swing and all the age appropriate structures. It’s a very well-done playground.”

— Selina Young

Checking in on the levy

The effects of the 2018 Parks and Recreation levy can already be seen in our community. City of Eugene Parks and Open Space has reopened closed restrooms in parks, increased security, resurfaced trails and completed even more maintenance projects.


Increase in general maintenance services for all developed parks, including adding four new positions dedicated to park maintenance.


Increase in trail maintenance and addition of infrastructure at trailheads.


Increase in restrooms open to the public.


New positions dedicated to public safety.


New illicit activities team dedicated to clean up.


The levy will provide funding for increased staffing, programming and maintenance at the expanded and renovated community centers and pools as well as the new parks coming into the system.

Stay informed

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