Revolutions in technology By abigail peterson

Past: the industrial revolution


A revolution in farming methods led to a sharp increase in the population, and many people moving from the country to the city looking for work.
Meanwhile, we were just beginning to discover the secrets of coal power and iron production.
And Britain had plenty of money to invest in new business.
As population continued to increase, demand for goods grew, and suppliers needed to find ways to produce more and more.

Technological developments

New machines used to spin and weave cloth were housed in factories that allowed workers to produce goods at a much higher rate than before.

Spinning Jenny
Water wheel

A new understanding of coal power helped inventors create the steam engine and a new type of iron that was cheap and dependable.

Steam engine

Steam power and iro became the basis of the machines of the industrial revolution.

Steam power and iron were used to make the first railroad,hitch helped people and products get from place to place much faster. Canals, steam boats, and turnpikes also added to the transport ion network.

Steam boat

Positive and negative effects on society

"... we cannot even maintain our freedom and independence as a nation without the big factory and all it represents."- prime minister jawaharlal Nehru of India

The industrial revolution had lots of positive effects on society. There were lots of new jobs created and goods became more affordable to people. People also started living longer and could travel from place to place much easier.

There were also many negative effects. Child labor was wide spread and accidents in factories were common. Cities became overcrowded and sanitation was horrible.

Present: the digital revolution


The rapid release of new, brilliant, and user friendly devices, Marked an increase of people using the internet.
This increase created a larger demand for new and improved digital devices.
The faster the devices came out, the faster people adapted to this new technology.

Technology developments

New Mobile devices were created, allowing communication to others, access to social media and work related assets easier than ever imagined.


The first computer was invented in 1943 and wasn't completed until 1946, making digital storage the new and improved.


Until The first laptop was made in 1981, making it easier to take digital storage around with you.


The internet was a major technology advancement. The internet created a way for people to access any information needed. This also created a way for people to have social media accounts allowing them to keep in touch with there friends lives.

PoSitive and negative effects on society

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein

The digital revolution had lots of positive effects on society. This new technolgy created a way for people to have easy communication and access to internet allowing them to have all the information they need at the tip of there fingers. Mobile devices allowed people to always have this new and improved way of life with them 24/7.

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