Find Your Place

Here at St. Edwards, we value the idea of a safe space. The Healthy Hilltoppers have come together to focus on this value as we set out to find our own place and we invite each and every one of you to join us. For some it may be in the coffee shop, the front steps of Main Building, in the car with your best friends, or maybe even in your favorite album. To be of a place is to be enveloped in a sense of belonging; to feel welcomed, safe and at home. Whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual, we ask our peers to join us in this journey of finding our own places in this big world.



I feel most in my place behind the camera. Since the age of 16, photography has been a huge part of my life. Recently, I've fallen in love with concert photography. What I love about doing it is capturing the raw energy and emotion of the performers and the crowd and feeding off of that myself and having a great time.



I find my place in the people who surround me. I find it while dancing with my teammates in the alumni gym during practice and in the RCC while we perform.

I find my place while studying in front of Main Building with my friends. Nothing makes working on homework better than a picnic blanket, some friends, and the view from the Hilltop.

I find my place while adventuring outside with friends. I really enjoy being outside on nice days and finding new, beautiful places in Austin.

I find my place in many different physical locations, but they all have one thing in common: I am with people I love.



When we started this campaign and movement it was more of a physical thing, however that has come to change. Find Your Place to me is more of finding something that keeps me in a state of mind and sense of calmness. With that, I had to consider the little things that make me feel that way. I have always loved being outdoors and I feel most calm watching the sky change colors. There is just so much beauty in it and I must say, I am somewhat obsessed with the sky. I have an 8am class this semester and the only thing I look forward to in waking up, is watching the sunrise. Some mornings, the sky is pastel blue with no clouds and almost looks like it was painted (I like to think it is). Other times, it is so bright and all I see is the clouds. My favorite is watching the sunset when the sky is burnt red with orange undertones and seems as though the sky has a coarse texture, and just feels warm. That is one of the things that “keeps me in my place” so to speak.



As an introvert, although I love talking and hanging out with people, I need time for myself. The place where I feel entirely myself and at ease is sitting in my bed reading a good book or writing in my journal, or even just looking out the window. It's my space where I can let go of my worries for awhile (or at least work through them) and get in touch with how I'm feeling. It's even better with a cup of warm tea at the end of the day!

What's your place?



Where do I, Magaly Arredondo Lopez, find my place? I find it the classrooms where the syllables in my name sound as they were intended to sound. I find it in the refuge of my journal with the pink and marbled cover that reads More Love. I find it nuzzled in between my covers and my sheets as I read a funny book.

I find it watching “The Office” reruns with my brother on a lazy day. I find it talking to my mom about the mundane and then important things in my day to day. I find it at work in a small, cozy office with twinkly lights and way too much candy. I find it sitting across somebody I love and making them laugh. I find it driving to Houston with my AC-less car and my broken auxiliary adaptor. I find it smiling at a stranger and waving to a friend. I find it here and there, and I find that finding it has no end.



Can the enormity of the mind find a single place to call home? How do we find a place to keep us warm and safe in this world? I’ve found myself calling sidewalks of capital cities all over the country home. I find my place against the barricade at a show, even as bruises ink themselves into my ribs as the crowd presses me into the cold metal.

I’ve felt that feeling of home in my group of best friends and our dances and choruses in the back of concert halls. My place is in the lyrics and pop hymns that take me away from my headphones and to these communal gatherings of music.

It’s in the uncontrollable laughter between myself and my friends and in the car late at night down unknown highways. My place is in love, in the comfort of belonging to a sound, a feeling, and an unrecognizable territory.

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