Double Victory The Role of Women and Mexican Americans During World War II

Women DurinG WWII

After men were drafted for the war, women took over their previous jobs, women also took over men's jobs to allow them to join the war. Women worked in the agricultural industry, worked clerical jobs, and other jobs left behind by men as well. Some women even volunteered to join the war.

Mexican Americans during wwii

Mexican Americans also contributed to the war effort, between 250,000 and 500,000 served in the army. Mexicans also migrated to America through the Bracero Program to work agricultural jobs. However, they still faced discrimination.

4 Similarities Between Mexican Americans and Women During WWII

  • Both groups served in the war
  • Both groups took leftover jobs
  • Both groups had low wages
  • Both groups contributed to the war effort

3 Differences Between mexican americans and women during wwii

  • The Mexican Americans who served were integrated into the other military units, while the women had their own corps.
  • During WWII, Mexican Americans were discriminated against solely because of their race, while women were discriminated against because they were female, and seen as inferior and less capable.
  • During WWII, Mexican American youth created their own subculture, with their zoot suits, while women did not create such subculture.

Treatment of women during wwii

  • During WWII, women were still not treated equally to men, they received lower pay and their abilities were underestimated.
  • They responded to this unfair treatment by fighting for equal pay and campaigning.

women's contributions to wwii

  • Women took men's jobs so the men could go fight in the war.
  • Women also worked in the armed forces and worked as nurses in the war.
  • I think that women played an important role during WWII, and they really showed how much they're capable of.

slogan: "We can do it!"

treatment of mexican americans during wwii

  • During WWII, Mexican Americans were discriminated against by White Americans, the Mexican American youth in particular were discriminated against by sailors and military men.
  • This unfair treatment ultimately led to the Zoot Suit Riots, where the youth and sailors had a massive fight.

mexican americans' contributions to wwii

  • 13%-18% of Mexican Americans joined the military during WWII.
  • They also worked agricultural jobs that were in need of workers.
  • I think that it's unfortunate that Mexican Americans were discriminated against, but they also made significant contributions to the war effort, and they stood up for themselves and established their presence in the US.

slogan: "We are also here!"

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