How to be as nice as Hugh Jackman Words and images by Sue Bell

I have a colleague who teaches drama. She studied musical theatre with Hugh Jackman at WAAPA and once went out to dinner with him.

She tells her students about this so often that they roll their eyes and play with their phones whenever she brings it up.

Anyway, she concludes the story by saying Jackman is a really nice guy.

Everybody who has ever met or worked with him says the same thing.

Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit in Wolverine said:

“I’d say Hugh Jackman is a huge influence on my life, as a person and as an actor, and it was an amazing experience. To be honest, it’s an aura that, in this business, I’ve never come across. He’s incredibly disciplined and free. There’s just something about him. You walk away and he hits you. He’s just this person that’s so grounded and so open that you question whether it’s real or not. I’ve met nobody like him.”

Lee Miller who played Peter in Pan said: “I had heard from people that he was very lovely. He’s more lovely than people have said, so that’s quite nice.”

And Garrett Hedlund, also in Pan, added: “I mean first and foremost when everybody that you know who’s worked with Hugh always says he’s the nicest guy around… it’s so refreshing to see that that is completely true. And he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

I get it.

Hugh Jackman is a really, really nice guy.

He’s been married to Deborah Lee Furness for years and there’s never been a single rumor of cheating or bad behavior. He’s the perfect actor, husband, dad, and all round human being.

People say he’s a hard worker — disciplined and generous. They also say he’s grounded.

Does this mean with a bit of guidance we can also be the nicest guy/girl in the room? How do we become more grounded, disciplined and generous?

How can we be more like Hugh Jackman?

The Hugh Jackman Guide to being a nice person | 1:07 min


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