massachusetts by alex.b

In the 1600s, King James the 1 of Englind was the first of all of Englined I thank that he was a good one but he was a bad one at the same time

there were onley 50 people on the Mayflower half of the people were kids and that was in 1620-1621.

On the first thanksgiving a indians came to them and helped them survive on that new island and the lerned how to plant crops and ho to fish in the creeck at the right time of year.

in the book it said back in englind puritans were still persecuried in 1629. I could not fined a picture

It said in the story back in englined they still persecuted .in 1629....

back in englind in 1620 they had still persecuted. at the Massachusetts bay.

as more english people came they clamed more land.thats what

in the place called massachusetts they all can hunt farm and even eat the food they grow or catch.

in massachusetts the king sent out a lot of soldiers to defend the kingdom.

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