9) Internet Safety Teamwork in Digital Communication

This week in class we are completing a team project on internet safety. With two moms and myself, who has learned most of this hands on over the years and from reading. We are covering safety with children. I am teammates with two moms, so I thought that starting the topic off with talking to them as moms and inquiring about safety topics to cover with my niece would be great. I noticed my first word or two was not picked up completely. I started by asking, "being moms", was cut off. We worked really great together I thought. Charisse, Shay and I worked together in finding the important information to include. Charisse typed out a script for us covering important points to speak about. I recorded and edited the video with iMovie, which I LOVED! (Which I cover my review below)

Spending time on any social media sites teaches you that pretty quick. On Facebook there are friends and family that suddenly have a second page popping up. Or they start sending spam to others in instant messaging.

Celebrities have fake pages show up and many times hoax stories spreading like wildfire that they have passed away. Someone sees this 'sad story' that they believe is true and they share it, feeling heart-broken that someone they loved watching entertain them over the years is gone.

Screenshot from Google, edited by me

So often this can actually be avoided by checking the facts before sharing. For kids though this can quickly go viral when they believe someone they love may be gone.

Teaching our kids about people who don't have their best interest at heart is difficult when they don't understand that an older man could pretend to be a close friend their age. By monitoring what they do on the internet we, as parents, can keep them from being bullied or targeted by someone who is trouble. Keep the computer in a living area where you can supervise. Set time limits for them to follow and check up behind them to make sure they are not clearing the browser history. Follow them on their social media sites and confirm their friends are who they know in person, not strangers.

Remember to always keep an open and honest dialogue with your kids about what they may find and let them know they can always come to you to talk about anything that makes them uncomfortable. By being involved in our kids lives, and yes, their business, we can keep them safe from people who have bad intentions for them. That's what we all want, to keep our kids safe from birth. Start teaching them these safety tips young since we live in a huge technology world.

Teaching kids young Internet Safety

I edited this video for us and I had forgotten to mention that when I was using the app requested I had troubles getting the video to upload. A few, including me, then requested if we could use another app. I choose iMovie and this was a great choice! This is an app that I will be keeping for sure! I loved it! It was so user friendly! Simple to figure out how to attach a photo to the video! The music was not as easy to figure out. It added all of the 1 minute clip and I couldn't figure out how to edit it. I will continue to figure out if I can edit it though. I removed it for the submission of the assignment, but would love to figure out how to make it quieter during our speaking.

Screenshot from the Apple Store, edited by me

I succeeded! I just completed editing the sound! The bonus? I never opened the help section! I figured it all out on my own! Mow that is user friendly!! I love when I can overcome a challenge like that, learning on your own. I taught myself PowerPoint this way as well. Hands-on, trail-and-error, I think that is a great learning tool for me. I learn best this way. I already had our video saved so I couldn't delete it, I just had to figure out how to cut and quiet it. This iMovie program was awesome and I can wait to work with another video!

My feelings when I figured it out!
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