Reddin - wreddin20 - Builder - Journey Log 10 Responsibility

During class this past week of class we continued with our presentations in class. In addition we worked in our groups, some of us discussing the technical manual while others discussed the rhetorical analysis. Group work requires responsibility as everyone is responsible for a different part of the project. In order for the project to be completed, everyone must do their share. Although it is a group project, everyone is personally responsible for something. I was in the group of the Minecraft technical manual and was tasked with explaining hunger and the use of the furnace. I did this by showing how to use a furnace, as seen below:

As well as explaining the furnace I also explained the hunger bar when playing in survival mode as seen here:

Then on Thursday, we did more presentations and discussed our group projects but we also played The Game of Things. This was a very fun game, similar to Card Against Humanity, but you write the answers. As I am a builder, I was not sure what to do for the Minecraft part, So i have simply created the few different scenarios we were put in in this past week. I have built our classroom where the presentations have been given as well as where we discussed our group projects and played The Game of Things:

I have emailed you my world as well.


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