Argument Essay By:Uziel Hernandez

Have you ever been hungry but the school lunch is bad?Well that is not a problem if there is a vending machine near by. This is a problem for many students everyday in the US. School lunches are sometimes really bad and most kids do not like it, Most teenagers need 1,800 to 2,400 calories a day if they're age 14 to 18, and school lunches give 750 to 850 calories. So most kids don't get enough calories. School lunch are not good enough and do not provide enough calories for kids, so there for vending machines are good to get some snacks for some extra energy,and some extra calories that are needed.

The School lunches are not really good and do not give enough calories for kids. More than 30 million children trundle through school cafeteria lines every day in the United States and thanks to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which took effect in 2012, they are no longer served greasy pizza, salty French fries and sauced up chicken wings. Meals must now be lower in fat, calories and sodium and contain lean proteins, more fruits and vegetables and whole grains. And kids from coast to coast are wrinkling their noses.-KATE MURPHY the new york times. This Quote supports my claim because kids do not like the foods/lunches that they get at school. The foods/lunches that they give at schools are low in calories and kids need a certain amount of calories for each day. So when the school lunch is bad or you don’t like it much you can always get something from a vending machine

Vending machines are a good way to get some snacks for some extra energy, and for some extra calories that are needed. The amount of energy we absorb through our food intake is commonly called the energy intake, and it is the fuel of our body. Each food contains a certain amount of energy which depends on its composition. Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. Nutrients are substances needed for growth, metabolism, and for other body functions. Since “macro” means large, macronutrients are nutrients needed in large amounts(

This quote supports my claim because it shows how a little snack can give you a boost in energy. It explains how foods give us energy to go through our day. So vending machines could help you get through your day, but

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