Reading Newsletter Eagle PrimarY school - October 2019

We are well and truly back into the swing of the new term, learning is happening in every classroom and children are settled, happy and engaged.

Books and stories continue to be a big feature of each classroom and I know that some excellent ones have been shared with the children so far.

This month, I would like you to do the sharing back. Please use the link below to help me collect a list of 'Favourite Reads', it doesn't matter who you are: Pupil, Teacher, Parents, Family Members, Guests to this page, whoever you are - please share.


Mr Watson

EYFS/KS1 Book of the Month

Journey - Aaron Becker

A lonely girl draws a magic door on her bedroom wall and through it escapes into a world where wonder, adventure and danger abound.

Red marker pen in hand, she creates a boat, a balloon and a flying carpet which carry her on a spectacular journey ... who knows where? When she is captured by a sinister emperor, only an act of tremendous courage and kindness can set her free.

Can it also guide her home and to happiness?

In this exquisitely illustrated, wordless book, an ordinary child is launched on an extraordinary, magical journey towards her greatest and most rewarding adventure of all...

MR WATSON SAYS: Aaron Becker has created an incredible trilogy of books in 'Journey', 'Quest' and 'Return'. They magical wordless picture books which allow you to create a story all of your own and it can be different every time. They are exceptional books from 5 - 105. Lots of chat and discussion can be made from it and you absolutely will want to look at it again. A treasure of a book!

LKS2 Book of the Month

Ottoline & the Yellow Cat - Chris Riddell

Introducing Miss Ottoline Brown, an exceptionally inquisitive Mistress of Disguise, and her partner in crime, Mr. Munroe. No puzzle is ever too tricky for the two of them to solve . . .

Ottoline lives in a stylish apartment in Big City with a small hairy creature called Mr. Munroe. Together they look after the Brown family's eclectic collections - and dabble in a spot of detective work. So they are the first to the scene of the crime when a string of high-society dog-nappings and jewel thefts hits Big City. Ottoline (who luckily has a diploma from the Who-R-U Academy of Disguise) and Mr. Munroe go undercover - and expose an ingenious scam masterminded by furry feline crook, the Yellow Cat.

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat is a quirky mystery-adventure from star author/illustrator, Chris Riddell. Winner of the Nestle Prize, and crammed with black and white illustrations, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat is perfectly packaged and highly collectible.

MR WATSON SAYS: Former Children's Laureate Chris Riddell is a master illustrator and author, who can create magic from what initially looks like a few lines! In his Ottoline series, he tells the amusing and intriguing stories of the quirky Miss Ottoline Brown. She lives with Mr Munroe - a strange Scandinavian creature completely hidden behind his long hair, and together they have a series of unusual adventures. Lots to enjoy here from Y2 upwards, simply written engaging stories that are sure to encourage you to invest in the other books in the series. (Riddell's 'Goth Girl' books are well worth a look too!)

UKS2 Book of the Month

The Explorer - Katherine Rundell

From his seat in the tiny aeroplane, Fred watches as the mysteries of the Amazon jungle pass by below him. He has always dreamed of becoming an explorer, of making history and of reading his name amongst the lists of great discoveries. If only he could land and look about him.

As the plane crashes into the canopy, Fred is suddenly left without a choice. He and the three other children may be alive, but the jungle is a vast, untamed place. With no hope of rescue, the chance of getting home feels impossibly small.

Except, it seems, someone has been there before them .

Winner of the Children's Book Prize

Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award

Winner of the London Book Fair Children's Travel Book of the Year

Shortlisted for the Independent Bookshop Week Book Award, Children's category

Longlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal

'I loved The Explorer' Jacqueline Wilson

'Rundell is now unarguably in the FIRST RANK' Philip Pullman

MR WATSON SAYS: Are you in Y5 at Eagle Primary School? Did you enjoy our Rainforests project last year? Do you remember the story of 'Alex', our missing classmate?

You do?

Then, this book is one that you need in your life. Fred, Con, Lila and Max are lost in the Amazon and know how little time they have to survive and escape to Manaus, the closest city - which is a month's walk away, or two week's by river. But they have no food, no boat, no water and no knowledge of how to survive.

I really enjoyed Katherine Rundell's story of hope and friendship against the odds - and if you like a good, solid adventure story, where the characters are in genuine danger... then this book is one you need to read - and soon!

Author of the Month

Twitter: @lawrencepatrice

Patrice Lawrence

Patrice Lawrence was born in Brighton and brought up in an Italian-Trinidadian household in Mid Sussex. She found her way to east London in the '90s and lives there with a partner, a teenager and a cat called Stormageddon.

She has been writing for as long as she has been reading and her first novel, Orangeboy, has won the Waterstones Book Prize for Older Children, been shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and the YA Book Prize, nominated for the Carnegie Award and shortlisted for the Leeds and North East Book Awards.

She loves crime fiction, sci-fi and trying to grow things. Her ideal mixtape includes drum 'n' bass, Bruce Springsteen and Studio Ghibli soundtracks. Music can't help creeping into her books.

Books by Patrice Lawrence

MR WATSON SAYS: Patrice Lawrence has written several books for older readers and Young Adults, such as Orange Boy and Indigo Donut, but her stories for children have been highly enjoyable. Her story from the point of view of the Croquet hedgehogs in the Return to Wonderland anthology was a highlight of the book. She has added some cultural diversity to Enid Blyton's famous Mallory Towers tales and Granny Ting Ting is a clever story on family rivalry and how it can be resolved.

An author I look forward to exploring more - perhaps you might get there before me!

Your Recommendations...

What book adventures have you been on?

Of course this Newsletter shouldn't be just about my choices.

I would love to hear recommendations from you too.

If you have read and enjoyed a book and think that someone else might enjoy it too, then share the name of the book and author with me, along with a brief summary of the plot and why you think someone else would enjoy the book.

Share the love of books.

You can E-mail your ideas, recommendations and reviews to: mike.watson@eagle.lincs.sch.uk

How can you help encourage your children to read?

Remember as always, reading is a beautifully subjective thing... if you don't like a book, think about why before giving up.

Might it be worth another chapter?

Do you understand what is happening?

Use these thoughts to shape your future choices.


Mr Watson

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