The Florida Museum of Natural History P. Adrian Dodson

Nature on Display

The Underwater Exhibit

This exhibit I found to be very interesting. It really made you feel as if you were underwater. What I found so appealing about this exhibit is as a Floridian who likes to fish, they really brought up the importance about conserving the underwater habitats that are home to not just fish but the majority of marine animals such as crabs and other species of animals including many invertebrates. I didn't realize until reading up on some of the information provided by the exhibit that pollution and human disturbance in general destroys much of the wildlife in underwater estuaries. What I enjoyed most about my museum visit was how relatable and familiar many of the exhibits were. Being from florida I take for granted much of the natural beauty that the state provides. I recognized many of the exhibits just because I've seen them so often, but also seeing them on display in a museum made me realize how important they are in defining what the state of Florida is all about. It also made me appreciate the natural beauty of the state even more so than before.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest

The Natural History Museum provided a great way for one to experience nature in the form in which Leopold wants us to view ourselves as members of the "biotic community" rather than "conquerers of the land". The butterfly rainforest was a great way for one to embrace the beauty in nature and "admire, love and respect" the environment created for the various species of butterflies. The exhibit allows people to admire the beauty of nature and also the beautiful ability of the butterflies to fly and prosper in their environment with other butterflies, and birds that are included in the exhibit. While walking through the exhibit I felt at ease and very at peace. If it were allowed I felt as if the exhibit would be the perfect place to sit and do homework and study because I felt so stress-free. While walking through the exhibit and watching the butterflies interact with the plant life I immediately began to think of the bee population and how an exhibit like this for bee's would be a great way for people to appreciate the importance of bee's in nature, because they would appreciate the beauty they help to create. Many people who walked through the exhibit were also amazed by the beauty of the many species of butterflies in accordance with the colorful vegetation decorating the exhibit, many stopping to take pictures and admire the different ways the butterflies would drink the nectar from the flowers. My experience throughout the entirety of the tour and especially in the rainforest made me feel as a human responsible for the degradation of many of these habitats and environments, and it stirred up an inner urge in me to want to make an impact in order to conserve and protect the many beauties of nature and what it has to offer especially when it comes to the state of Florida where I was born and raised.

Nature and The Human Spirit

Tidal Marsh Exhibit

I was at first unsure of whether or not I was going to enjoy or be able to connect with any of the exhibits at the Natural History museum. But while visiting I realized that I personally connected with many of the exhibits more so than what I would have imagined. The Natural History museum allows one to connect with nature and everything that it has to offer in an up close and more personal level. Being from Florida the tidal marsh exhibit was something I really enjoyed because many of my teenage years were spent going out on the boat and fishing in the tidal marshes of Weeki Wachee and it is a place that I feel most at peace and level headed at. After recognizing the exhibit I realized how much I missed the marshes and how heavy of an impact they made in my life. The marshes are are where I feel most at home and where I can appreciate the beauty of nature the most.


Photos taken by myself.

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