The Roaring Twenties The 1920's Was a time of Returning to Normalcy

The Great Migration: KKK

Document #3- Strange Fruit (lines 1-4) "Southern trees bear strange fruit, blood on the leaves and blood at the root, black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, strange fruit hanging from the poplar tree"

This quote deals with the return to normalcy idea because the KKK is coming back, and they're stronger than ever. The poem, 'Strange Fruit' is about the KKK lynching African Americans by hanging them from trees, burning their bodies, and waiting for their body to rot away in the soil with the help of crows picking at them. In the south, they (the KKK) was the biggest and scariest group of people. The KKK is commonly known for hanging people (specifically ones that go against their group). When they disappeared all of a sudden, everyone was starting to get at ease, but in the 1920's, they came back: killing people and targeting certain areas or groups, stronger than ever.

They were all gathered for to see the lynching by the KKK
Women's Suffrage

Document A- Women's Suffrage "It has often been pointed out that women should not pass laws on matters of war and peace, since no women can do military duty."

Document C- Women's Suffrage "It is not a proper time to change the whole electoral system..."

National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage

These quotes deal with a return to normalcy because women aren't getting any more privileges than they already have. During the women's suffrage, women had tried to gain rights to vote, along with men, but people didn't like that. People didn't want change and letting women vote is a large change. Men may have opposed suffrage because of the thought that they might lose their political positions. If women were to vote, they might have started to ask for the privilege to have more rights.


"Alcohol poisons and kills; Abstinence and Prohibition save lives and safeguard health"

Prohibition is a time of return to normalcy because people wanted to stop the selling of alcohol to make the crime rates go back down. When alcohol was sold, crime rates shot up and people assumed that alcohol was the cause of it. When no alcohol was being sold, it went back down. Alcohol caused drunkenness which caused low productivity and inefficiency, and without it, people wouldn't have those problems. Many Christians were happy with this because they didn't drink it anyways. Many people supported Prohibition, including farmers. It was difficult to reinforce because mafia brought it in and sold it to bars.

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