The Battle of Lexington and Concord and the facts about it

What was the reason for the battle of lexington and concord?

The reason for the battle of the lexington and concord was, when tensions in the 13 American Colonies rose, hundreds of british troops marched to sieze arms. When Paul Revere saw the troops marching, he sounded the alarm that had been set up the night before to see when the british were coming, and the war began.

What was the location and date of the battle?

Date: April 19, 1775. Location: Concord, and Lexington of Massachusetts.

Did the British or the Americans win?

The Americans won.

Battle flag.

Who was killed, wounded and missing?

Colonists: 49 killed. 39 wouded. 5 missing. British: 73 killed. 174 wounded. 26 missing.

What happened during the battle and how it first started.

The battle of Lexongton and Concord was the battle that kicked off the Revolutionary War. Tensions between the 13 Colonies and Britan had begun. Paul Revere had set up an alarm for when the british athoritys were coming and when 100's of British troops were coming near Paul, the alarm sounded. In the norning on April 19, about 700 British troops reached lexington where 77 mercenaries were lined up. They were then commanded to start and when the first shot rang, the war began. No one actually knows who shot the first bullet, but someone did.

Signifiance of the battle of lexington and concord.

The significance of the battle of lexington and concord was the the colonists who were being opressed by british government finally got theier independence. It was also the first battle in the American Revolution.

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