In today’s society women are seen as objects rather than human beings. Almost every women, even young girls are mesmerized by the perfect body, hair, face, etc. as shown through the media. Advertisements are the major source of this misconception that a particular type of body is perfect and everyone who doesn’t have that body should be ashamed and feel uncomfortable. Rather than embracing their beauty with makeup women now try to hide their imperfections under their makeup. Through media one more major influencer that has caused such nuisance are celebrities. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner who has set a trend of fuller lip. People are injecting their lips and getting infected which is ruining their face entirely. People aren’t only getting their lips injected but also doing the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ a terrible way to get fuller lips. The challenge is to take a cup and put it around their lips and suck as hard as possible as when you take the cup off you will have fuller lips. Although this was a major trend it was seriously affecting people as some girls lips were swelling. As we’ve seen the Kardashian/jenners are terrible influences in today’s society. They will almost endorse anything to make money and although they are doing great business, it’s destroying our society. Another problem caused by the celebrities is that they will endorse almost anything, even if they have not tried and since people see them as their idol they buy those things which are unnecessary and sometimes harmful. The Makeup industry is also controlling women’s mind today by incorporating tons of product that isn’t really special or beneficial but is rather damaging. Women are being objectified and made to be seen as objects. As everyone has probably seen through advertisements women are there to be objects to sell an item whether it be makeup or something completely unrelated. The pictures put up on the internet are not real but photo-shopped. Trying to become like them would be unreal because those pictures are fake. Women are used as objects even in an advertisement of men products. Women are degraded in them. They are used as tools to lure man. Women are only there to be entertainment for men.

In this video particularly all the things that are done by women to look beautiful such as getting surgeries to fix their nose, getting lip fillers, etc are shown. Girls will go to any extent to look good. The video also shows some bad effects of those attempts. The video completes with people standing up for their sister, mother, friend, wife, and girlfriend because they want better future for them. They are trying to relate the case to everyone so they can feel the pain themselves. As you may have seen on social media, these days’ women are trying to look so much like Barbie they are getting thousands of dollars in plastic surgeries. Barbie was created to look that way and it’s clear that not all women are meant to look like it and yet so many women would do anything to look just like her, an object, because that’s what they’ve been told is beautiful. This video shows us that we need to stop objectifying women because it’s effecting our society. With the objectification of women comes degrading and oppression which women shouldn’t have in today’s society. Women need to take control and realize that everyone is unique and doesn’t need to have big lips, a small waist and perfect skin to be beautiful. Getting women to realize this will be extremely hard especially in today’s society with all the social media outlets to get company products out there. With Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook it makes this generation the perfect target with almost everyone on at least one of these platforms, they will have so much more luck selling products and the best way to do it so to target a certain audience. Young girls are their perfect targets because what else would be easier to objectify than a young, insecure teenager. This is where the celebrities come in their constant posts of what society believes is beautiful comes girls wanting to look exactly like them and willing to do whatever it takes.

Women shouldn’t be seen as objects and there shouldn’t be any particular type of beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one should change just because media says so. This videos main idea is to show that how women are used as objects and why this is completely wrong.

References: WomenNotObjects. (2016, March 7). #IStandUp Against the Harm Caused By Objectification of Women in Advertising. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O4ycTml7fk

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