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Modern cyber security protection is all about being comfortable with your appetite for risk. Todays businesses want to be fully protected against every threat possible but the biggest blocker in this is budget.

High Risk = Low Cost

Medium Risk = Medium Cost

Low Risk = High Cost

Sounds simple doesn't it ?

The Simoda risk analysis matrix helps our customers define their appetite for risk
Cyber security is not just a nice to have

1 Question

"Do you know if you have been hacked?"

The truth is that most businesses don't know if they have been hacked until it is too late

In order to provide our customers with the solutions that meet their appetite for risk we have partnered with leading cyber security vendors & specialists

Lee Wragg, Technology Solutions Director, Simoda Limited

Don't be that business in the news

Identity & Access Management

OneLogin is the identity platform for secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people to technology. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

SAML Enabled Single Sign On

Multi-Factor Authentication

Virtual LDAP

User Provisioning

10 Signs You A Modern Need Identity & Access Management Solution

Cyber Security Awareness Solutions

KnowBe4 is a platform for security awareness training. We help you keep your users on their toes with security top of mind. With this integrated platform you can train and phish your users, see their Phish-prone percentage improve over time and get measurable results.

FREE Phishing Security Test

Find out what percentage of your users are phish prone with our free Phishing Security Test. See how you stack up against your peers with phishing Industry Benchmarks.

The tool is FREE for up to 100 users

Industry leading MDR & EDR solutions

Simoda provide the world class MDR solution from cyber security leaders Alert Logic. MDR works across public cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments to manage and detect threats to your business.

24x7 Managed SOC

Asset discovery

Internal & External vulnerability scanning

Log & network threat detection

Access to dedicated Security Architect

Thousands of vendors in the market. Over $130 billion USD spent annually on defense. And yet, the number of breaches continues to rise.

If tools alone were enough to solve the problem, they would have by now. This is an operational problem that needs to be solved, and that’s what Arctic Wolf delivers.

Managed cloud monitoring

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Risk

Managed Security Awareness

Sophos achieve unmatched endpoint threat prevention. the Sophos Intercept X product uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and more effective against never-seen-before threats. Intercept X leverages deep learning to outperform endpoint security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

Multi platform deployment

End to end solution stack

Single management console

AI & Deep learning embedded

Data protection for NetApp environments

ProLion provides Data Integrity solutions that ensure organisations’ data remains secure, compliant, manageable and accessible.

Ransomware is growing every year and no organisation is immune. And it only takes one click by an unsuspecting employee to infect the whole network, spreading rapidly from a local computer through the entire network and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Although most organisations have end point cyber security, Ransomware and Malware can slip through. And even the best anti-virus protection finds it difficult to track internal threats and compromised employees.

advanced EDR combined with 24/7 SOC monitoring for incident response and remediation. The best way a company can defend themselves is to establish an EDR that takes your cyber security beyond standard signature-based antivirus and threat detection methods–which have little to no chance in helping you fight against the sophisticated ransomware attacks today.

Key features of Advanced EDR

AI or machine learning to detect previously unknown “zero-day” attacks

Fileless attack protection

Automated remediation and roll back capabilities

Real-time host quarantine

USB port blocking

24/7 MDR monitoring services

Integrated threat hunting and forensics

FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber security risks are evolving at a frightening rate and businesses are having to adapt to new threats on a daily basis.

As a valued technology partner Simoda have built a cyber security assessment which we are giving away for free to help our customers understand the risks they currently face from todays cyber security threats

Password Security Risk Assessment

Phishing & Ransomware Risk Assessment

Network Risk Assessment

For more information please see the FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment page


Identity & access management including SSO, MFA

End point protection

Managed detection & response MDR

PCI compliance

SOC as a Service

Security analyst dedicated to your business needs

Advanced EDR

Ransomware protection

Security awareness training

Cyber security can be complex and costly, our objective is to help businesses cut through the noise and acronyms to ensure your business, data & assets are protected

Daniel Bumby, Managing Director, Simoda Limited

Simoda digital transformation solutions, trusted advisors & opex specialists

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