BWC Terminals News Flash September 2020

Photo from Jacksonville Terminal

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Questions management is asking....


What is BWC's impact on the environment? What can we do together to reduce our impact to the ecosystems, water, air and human health?


What can BWC do to ensure discrimination doesn't occur at our facilities and local communities through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs?

How can BWC improve the communities surrounding our facilities through volunteering?


Do BWC policies minimize waste, corruption, risks and mismanagement? Do our policies protect and respect all of our employees no matter their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs?

All of these questions and more are being asked by our owners and our management. In the coming weeks, months and years you will see an increased focus and initiatives in making a different at BWC Terminals through ESG and DEI.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) survey and opportunities to join a focus group!

Help us Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month was established to celebrate the cultures of those from Spain, Mexico, Caribbean and South America.

September 15 is an important date within the Latin American community because it represents the date many Latin American countries gained their independence.

Learn more about Latino Cultures in the United States by clicking here.

Construction Updates

Houston Jacintoport

Jacintoport construction continues to progress well. Two of the four 15,000 barrel tanks are constructed with the remaining two well on their way. The crane for the dock hose tower has been put into position.

Stockton Terminal

Stockton tanks are in service!

Introducing our New Alert Line

Together, we can protect our values.

Only by working together as a team to protect our values can we build a successful organization. Your role on the team is simple: speak up if you know of or suspect any unethical behavior. Our role is to listen and to act to correct the situations you bring to light. Contact us via the website or hotline.



Confidential, Easy-to-Use and Always Available

Employee News

Employee Anniversaries

5 years - Candace Winton - Customer Service Manager - Houston Corporate

15 years - Jason Coburn - Terminal Operator - Jacksonville

20 years - Lourdes Artiga - Security Guard - Manchester

Magnolia Park Employee Appreciation

Thank you for all of the hard work during record heat in Houston!

Happy Retirement Thuy Nguyen!

Thank you Thuy for over 40 years of service! We wish you all the best in retirement! (Pictured Left - James Bear - Assistant Terminal Manager, Right - Thuy Nguyen - Terminal Operator - Magnolia Park)


Prepping your home for Winter

Now that fall is officially here, this is the time to make sure you and your home are prepared for Winter! Even those of us in the South! Here are some quick tips….

Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Most house fires happen in the winter. It’s the time of year when we’re turning on the furnace for the first time after it has sat idle for the summer. We are also more likely to have our home closed up tight, so carbon monoxide is a bigger hazard if you have a fuel fired (non-electric) heating system. Having an HVAC inspection will also ensure your furnace and gas-fired water heater are properly vented, which is the most likely source of carbon monoxide in your home.

Clean your chimney

Regardless if you have gas logs or a real wood burning fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected before you start using you gas logs or building those cozy fires in the next couple of months. A good chimney sweep company will make sure the fireplace is safe to use, and it can also identify maintenance problems.

This is also the time to stock up on firewood. Take the time to stack and cover that wood in a good location in the yard (not against the house). Make sure that old firewood isn’t rotten and move it away from your home.

Clean your gutters

Once the leaves are pretty much off the trees, it’s time to clean those gutters. When your gutters back up, they overflow, and water runs down your home, speeding up the deterioration of your exterior. It can also lead to deterioration of your foundation, water infiltration in the basement and settling under your concrete porches and walks, which creates all kinds of problems.

Check your trees

Before all of the leaves fall, take a look at your trees and make sure they’re still healthy, especially trees that could fall on your home or a neighbor’s home. Don’t think a dying tree will be obvious. Sometimes you really won’t notice, especially if you have a lot of trees. Fall isn’t a good time to trim your trees, but if there are branches up against your house, it’s a good idea to trim them away before winter so you don’t have ice-coated branches against your siding or windows.

Make sure your attic doesn’t become a critter hotel

It’s going to get cold out and your attic is the perfect winter home for squirrels and birds. These critters can cause a lot of damage and potentially some health problems. Make sure your trees are trimmed well away from the house, and make sure your gable vents are intact. It’s a good idea to tack a screen up behind your gable vent just in case. Also walk around your home and look up at your soffit and fascia. Make sure there are no holes that will allow birds to get in.

Do a quick energy audit

If you’ve never had one, a professional energy audit is a good investment. But fall is also a good time just to check your door seals. Make sure you’re not seeing daylight around your exterior doors and take a can of spray foam insulation and fill in around those drafty outlets and light switches.

Prepare for snow removal

Dig out the snow blower and fire it up before the big one hits. Make sure it’s ready for that snowy morning. If it’s not, have it repaired now. Also take inventory of your salt and shovel situation. You know you won’t be able to find a shovel after the big snowstorm hits.

Elections are coming soon!

Have you registered to vote yet?

Time is running out!

Do you know someone who turned 18 recently? Encourage them to vote!

Benefit Information

Save the Date

Open Enrollment is October 26th - November 11th

This will be an ACTIVE enrollment which means everyone will be required to enroll.

In person meetings are being scheduled at Manchester, Magnolia Park, Harvey, Jacksonville, Westwego, Port Allen, Cincinnati, and Brunswick.

Webinars will be available on October 26th and 29th and November 3rd, 6th, and 10th.

Exciting changes include - 3 Medical Plans to select from, New Voluntary Critical Illness and Accident Insurance, Adult Orthodontics and more!

Remember, Flu Shots are covered by BCBSTX and Humana.

Schedule your appointment today!

Harvey and Westwego - Onsite Flu Shots - Friday, October 9th - 9:00 am - 11:00 am.

Flu shots on 10/9 at Harvey and Westwego will be paid through employee’s Humana insurance. If not insured through the company insurance plan, $26 by cash or check as payment for your vaccine is accepted.

Consumer Fact Sheet Click Here and to report a problem to the FDA related to a tobacco product Click Here

IT Security

Thank you! Stay Safe!


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