My learning diary Elettra Ceccarelli

This is me while I’m focused on my favourite book

This year there were the Olympics games in Brazil and Usain Bolt won the 100 meters with the gold metal, with the class we talked about the history of this formidable athlete:

Also on 23 September 2016 we did a stage at the Newbold College, me and a friend of mine have written a blog about this wonderful experience:

On 28 November 2016 we went to the theater to see the musical of Hamlet, which we had already read the book, me and my friends work on this project also writing of the Shakespeare's life, the summary of the book and the characters:

and I wrote about my personal opinion about the musical:

For this Christmas holiday I read two books:

Here is the report of an amazing book written by John Green

Also I recorded a voicetread about a book that I read for holiday

Here I talked with my classmates about communication in Dance and Martial arts

Me and my two classmates talked about iconography in flowers, fruits, and vegetables

Also we wrote the traduction of the book of Anna Frank

And me and my classmates talked about the Sezione Aurea in Music.

And in science I talk about the Muscle system

Also along with another class (2F) we played the rape of lucrezia

here it is the trailer about a book that I've read this summer: love story

And then, there is a report of another book: Finding Audrey


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