Lake Norris, Tennessee By: Reilly wolfinger

Here's a map of Lake Norris, Tennessee. If you're driving in a boat and you rented a big houseboat and it's in a cove that takes a 10 minute boat ride back, and your in stores shopping, I would suggest leaving earlier than you planned. If you don't, you'll get lost and probably have to spend the night looking for your dang houseboat.

This one time, a close family that we know went with us and we all went to a restaurant to eat and to go visit some stores nearby, but we all realized that it was so dark out we couldn't figure out/remember which way the houseboat was. So my dad literally made all of us get our butts back to the boat and made sure we had everyone cause we weren't coming back for the night. My dad was driving the boat and we got lost because we can't see a thing and we got stopped by a police officer in a boat because one of our back lights weren't working. My friend that I had brought with me were really scared because we didn't know what was going on and thought we had to follow the police officer somewhere. But everything went fine and we finally found our houseboat and we all went straight to bed cause we were really tired/nervous.

If you are on vacation and you get a big houseboat, just be aware that you can't flush your toilet paper. You have to put it in a trash bag and throw the whole trash bag away. If you accidentally throw away your toilet paper, there's a 100% chance that you'll see it floating in the lake. So, there's a little FYI for ya. And one of the many positive things about a houseboat is that on the front of it, you can jump off of the top and into the Lake. It's so much fun.

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