Music Knowledge By, dorian j.


Title of survey: Music Knowledge

What is the top Music Genre of 2017

Who is the Best Artist

Who is the most paid single artist

Which band is the most paid

Who is the most important band member

Where was the biggest concert ever

Who is the best rapper

Who is the best Male Artist of 2017

Who is the best female artist

What is the most selling album of 2017

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In today's society music is what shares and combines everyone. Music inspires people to do what they want, such as their jobs, their opinions, and etc. It affects them as showing who they really are. Why I chose music as my topic was because I was grown up listening to music. Taking road trips to florida listening to The Grateful Dead, Phish, and Neil Young. When I made this survey, I thought that I should just base my survey on Hip-Hop. But I wanted to make people explore other music not just Hip-Hop. By adding bands such as “Rolling Stones”, and “Crosby,Stills,Nash, and Young” I wanted to make the surveyor intrigued to go and listen to these artists. When I made these questions I based then on general areas such as, who is the best male/female artist, which album is the most popular, and etc.

With this is survey what I was trying to prove or accomplish was that I wanted to see how many or what the number of people know about rock music mixed in with Hip-Hop music. With each question I combined the possible multiple choice answers with Rap and Rock artists or bands. I wasn't to surprised about my finding because on almost all the questions most of the people picked Hip-Hop related answers. Like who is the best musician, what is your favorite genre. With my end result I found that almost 75 percent of the surveyors answered Hip-Hop related answers.

Finding this to me wasnt a suprise because in todays society rock is almost extinct without the people who grew up with it. Sooner or later Hip-Hop might be something maybe not interesting anymore. For my survey I wanted to test on people which they would rather choose. With this survey I also wanted to intrigue people into listening to some of the bands i mentioned from the Rock era and maybe they will like it and listen.

Final Video:

"You're never too old" to listen to diffrent music.

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