The Best of What Canada Has to Offer BY ROBERT

Toronto Caribbean Carnival

Toronto Caribbean Carnival also known as "Caribana" is a carnival that consists of live music, parades, and cool costumes. The carnival is inspired by the traditions of the Caribbean and it is held on the first week of august every year (Gallaugher). The first Toronto Caribbean Carnival was in 1967 when the event was called Caribana ("Caribana"). The parade is the main part of the entire event, the parade has awesome costumes, colours and sounds. The music at the event is majority calypso and soca , but other music that is played is reggae, tassa drumming, cadence, zuk, rap and R&B. There were multiple name changes to this event over the years but they settled on Toronto Caribbean festival for now (Gallaugher). The Toronto Caribbean festival brings in thousands of visitors from other countries every year ("Caribana").


I celebrate or value the Toronto Caribbean Carnival because my parents are from Guyana which is not part of the Caribbean, but we still do some things that countries of the of the Caribbean also do. All Canadians should value the carnival because it has great music, there are cool costumes, but some can be a little too inappropriate at times and there is a awesome parade. It doesn't matter if you are from the Caribbean or not, the Caribbean carnival is a great place for any Canadian to be at and have fun .

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are a major league baseball team from Toronto, Ontario. They play in the east division of the American league and they are the only Canadian team in the entire league. The Blue jays were founded in 1977 and played at the exhibition stadium, then moved to the sky dome also known as the Rogers Centre now in 1989. The team is now competitive by making it into the playoffs in 2015 for the first time in over 20 years, they also made it into the playoffs again in 2016 (Humber).


I value and celebrate the Toronto Blue Jays because I love the game of baseball and because the blue jays came from the bottom to the top by working really had and developing young players. Canadians should celebrate or value the Toronto Blue jays because they are the only Canadian baseball team in Major league baseball and they are very competitive by getting into the playoffs the past two years and making it pretty far. Canadians should Value the Blue jays because baseball is a sport with a lot of statistics involving math, so if someone likes math the Toronto blue jays are a team that has a lot of stats. Watching the Toronto bluejays would make you want to celebrate even if you dont like the game of baseball because they play in a fun and a winning way.

Tim Hortons

Tim Horton was one of the best defencemen that played most of his games for the Toronto Maple leafs.Tim Horton was born on January 12th, 1930 and passed away on February 17th, 1974. Tim Horton created a small coffee and donuts shop in 1964 that was named after himself "Tim Hortons". The first Tim Hortons store was opened on Ottawa street in Hamilton, Ontario where they sold coffee for a quarter (Commito and Snyder). Tim Hortons has over 3,500 fast food restaurant now in Canada and USA.Tim Horton's once little coffee and donut shop has grown into one of the most popular franchises (Tikkanen).


I value Tim Hortons because they are one of my favorite fast food restaurants and they are very helpful in the winter with their hot drinks.Tim Hortons should be celebrated by all Canadians because it is a Canadian franchise that was established in Canada by a Canadian hockey legend. Tim Hortons should be celebrated by every Canadian because it is one of the best fast food restaurants that is great for a quick meal that every Canadian has had. Most Canadians already value Tim Hortons because it represents Canada and anyone from other counties know that it is Canadian.

These are the 3 things that I think all Canadians should celebrate or value because they all make people happy and shows that being a Canadian is a great thing.

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