Good Life Performance Ray Spaulding

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with two of my friends from my dorm. Going with them enhanced the experience because we were able to discuss what we thought about the play afterwards. It was nice to watch the play with a bunch of people from the good life since we all went into it with the same knowledge learned from the good life.

Spatial Experience

When I walked into the theatre, I noticed right away that the setting was very nice. The theatre looked very new and the seats were very comfortable. I Saturday to the right halfway down and had a great view of the stage. When the lights dimmed, I was excited for the play to start.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experiences

The central issue in the play was the rich vs. the poor and how the poor didn't have much of a say. This helped me come to the realization that in real life many of us are really fortunate, but some not as much, and we need to look out for those people. I didn't know much about the subject matter before the play. It didn't change my views as much as enhance them and bring them to light. It somewhat relates to my family adopting my sister who's biological mother couldn't care for her.

The Emotional Experience

I believe plays such as this gives us the best opportunity at katharsis because in a play everyone can see the socially uncomfortable scenarios, but they have no real physical effect on anyone. They do however, have an emotional effect on everyone. They can express an extreme social flaw that will only make people think.

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