Dance Project by Christopher Hetterich

In this project, our class was split into 2 two groups. We had to create a dance four our total of 8 robots and it has to last at least 2 minutes.

My Pseudocode for project- split up into groups, discuss ideas, pick robot to build and build it, find a song, create the dance, test it, perform it.

My Pseudocode for program(s It shows the left side and the right side is the same with opposite turns) - move back then forward then turn turn right then turn left then move back then turn left then go back then turn left then turn right then move forward then move back then move forward then turn right then turn left and turn left move and move back into the battle zone.

Dance 1 Left Side Flow Chart
Dance 2 Right Side Flow Chart
Photo of our robot(tank)

Right Side(Dance 2) people are Christopher, Eric, Lance, and Mitchell

Left Side(Dance 1) people are Seth, Dalton, Evan, and Mark

Our Brainstorming and Final Positions
Dance 1 Left Side Program
Dance 2 Right Side Program

My role in this project was figuring out the routine, creating the program, and creating the flowcharts. I was a big help in this group.

What I learned was to test your program before you download it on everyone eases robot so it saves time. I learned that we need to all work as a team to be more efficient, accurate, and finish the project faster.


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