Howard Carter ONe small man one big discovery

Have you ever curiously asked yourself what is the greatest discovery in human history?Do you want to follow the footsteps of the greatest archaeologist the world has ever produced? Read on to fined out more!

Howard Carter was born on 9th May 1874. Howard unearthed the mystery of king Tutenkhamun's sarcophagus in what they call the valley of the kings that lay in the sandy deserts of Egypt. After working five hard years his confidence led to the most life changing discovery ever.

When he was only young he didn't go to school in fact he got home-schooled by his father because of his skill to paint and draw realistically. He was a very wealthy man and lived next to a mansion which had lots of old artifacts from ancient Egypt that young Carter would have a look at all of the time,and that inspired him because he didn't show an intrest in painting or drawing(although he was really good at it ) he had wanted to be an archaeologist and his dream was to go to Egypt.

At the young age of 17,Howard went to Egypt for the first time,as an artist sketching Egyptologists finds.He was not very happy doing this because he wanted more excitement and adventure in his life.Around the same time as this he started to talk with a very famous Egyptologist and his name was Lord Carnarvon. As every day passed Carter got more bored of sketching other peoples finds,so he officially quit his sketching job and finally he became an Egyptologist

Howard Carter had heard about a search for a pharaoh called king Tutenkhamun(or king Tut for short)Carter had been waiting for this.


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