Scientists know Rainbow Trout developed on the Kamchatka Peninsula before migrating eastward to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

The Rainbows of Kamchatka are fortunate compared with their Alaskan brethren. Being further south with warmer weather patterns allows for a significantly larger biomass. This food-rich aquatic environment has created a fishing mecca. After we conducted stream samples on over 30+ rivers on Kamchatka we realized the daily insect hatches of mayflies, caddis and innumerable types of stoneflies keep these plump fish looking to the surface for food. Golden and black stone flies, a mayfly population that is diverse and extraordinarily dense, spring and fall Beatis, Green Drakes and Pale Morning Duns name just a few. This bug factor in conjunction with a huge salmon population accounts for the large numbers of Rainbows.

The most often asked question is "How big are the fish?"

The average Rainbow is close to 21-inches and 4 pounds, with many exceeding 24-inches and 6 pounds. In recent seasons several over the 30-inch mark were landed. Rainbow sizes like this are a true treasure and testament that these fish populations are exceedingly healthy.

“I loved this trip! We were looking for a full-blown ‘fishing-travel-cultural-wilderness-adventure,’ and this trip was definitely all of those things. The fishing was awesome, as was the variety of water and the unbelievably remote nature of the location.” - Jason M. (Bozeman, MT)

Thank you for considering fishing with The Best of Kamchatka™.

Our fishing programs are designed with your finest fishing experience on the Kamchatka experience in mind. Our programs were not put in place by geography, past momentum or profitability like our competitors; our programs were hacked out of the wilderness.

We maintain the longest running relationship on Kamchatka with our single Russian Partner.

All of our logistics are dialed in.

Victor Rebrikov and I have worked together since 1999.




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