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To make a fish tail take two equal pieces of hair, then cross them over each other.
Continue this but instead of the whole strand just take pieces from the top of the strand and cross that over and do the same to the other side when you are crossing over and never have more then two strands.
Spray bottles were used to wet the hair to make it easier to deal with and easier for fingers to go through the hair, instead of dry hair and have one strand that flies away.
Elastics were used to tie off the hair so the product doesn't fall out or go undone from the final product.
Tail combs were used to get the little pieces of hair to grab easier for our fingers and also to have smoother and more even stands to grab when we pick up the hair.
For an invisible braid you first equal the hair in three strands.
Cross over the strands in an over under over under motion, as you are doing this you have to pick up more hair from that part of the over under motion until you reach the bottom.
Then finish crossing over the hair until you are finished and put an elastic in to tie it off.
Spray bottles were used to wet down the hair to make it easier for the hair to be used and dealt with, without hassle.
Elastics were used to tie off the ends without the final product falling out or undoing itself.
Tail combs were used to section the hair and brush out the hair evenly.
Another thing many people do with hair is thermal curling it.
To do this is very simple all that is done is sections of hair the size of the curler used goes in between the irons that open and stay straight.
The end of the hair is hardly seen at the end of the iron, clamp down and start to roll upwards
Feel with your finger if the iron is warm, if so then open and close slightly and repeatedly to get iron out and there is a curl.
After this many people pull apart the curl and twist downwards to create more of a nicer effect and make the hair look like it took hours to do but really it was only minutes.
Curling irons were used to create the curl and make this amazing effect with the hair.
Thermal spray was used to spray on the hair to help protect the hair ageist the damage that the iron has with the heat in it.
Hair spray was used to hold the final product in place and not having to worry about it undoing itself or loosing its curl.
To blow dry like this you must get the hair wet, and then brush it out.
Layer by layer using a brush use your wrist as a rolling motion as the hair dryer is drying the hair. To add volume pull the hair upwards and dry that way.
The final product should be dry and have much volume to look big in the back.
Start by taking off all of the old nail polish by doing this try to hold the swab onto the nail for a couple seconds then stroke downwards until its all cleared.
First file the nail starting from the sides then going to the center to shape the nail.
Nail clippers are used to cut off the dead nail or skin around the nail after the filing is done. It is also used for making the finishing touches with the nail.
Putting the right hand in the finger bath to soften the cuticle and can wash the fingers of any bacteria.
When the finger bath is done using the nail brush to brush off the bacterial and help get rid of the extra skin and dead cuticle to come off.
Using a towel dry the nail and push back the cuticle with your fingers. Make sure to dry the insides of the finger as well.
Using an orange wooden stick push back the cuticle.
Using a cotton swab clean the nail edge and the free edge. After push back the cuticle and apply again but this time using a rotary motion manipulate the cuticle.
Apply base coat and wait to dry, apply the polish and wait to dry, then apply a second coat. Finally add the top coat to add the shine and protect the nail plate. Remember to only use a three stroke process to add the evenness and add extra look.
The final thing to do is a message with hand lotion. doing this helps re hydrate the nail and the skin around it. When doing this move the fingers in a back and forth motion, including the hand itself, but doing this to the wrist.

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